Helck: Every Main Character's Age & Height

Every Helck Main Character's Age & Height Helck
Credit: Satelight

Every Helck Main Character's Age & Height Helck
Credit: Satelight

The demon world is set to elect its new leader through a tournament. Helck, a human hero, is one of the contestants among other promising candidates, so here’s every main character’s age and height in Helck.

The Helck anime is based on a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao.

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Every Main Character’s Age and Height in Helck

Helck, a fantasy anime, features humans and demons fighting for their survival and supremacy.

It has been three months since the defeat of Demon Lord, and the Demon Realm is organizing a competition to choose a successor.

At the forefront of the contenders stands Helck, a human hero with an avowed disdain for his own race.

However, the prospect of a human ascending to the position of the next Demon Lord doesn’t sit well with everyone, particularly Vermilio the Red.

Her utmost desire is to safeguard her fellow demons and show that Helck is no ally, even if she must manipulate the tournament to achieve her goal.

Now, let’s find out more about the main characters in Helck.

Helck: He Who Hates Humans

Helck main character's age and height
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Credit: Satelight

He is the main protagonist of the Helck anime and belongs to the Human Empire.

His exact age is unknown, but he is more than 26 years old and stands tall at 200 centimeters, which is 6’7”.

Despite his imposing physical build, he possesses a gentle and innocent nature.

He easily puts his trust in others and maintains a positive outlook regardless of circumstances.

Nevertheless, he exhibits an unwavering determination to safeguard his loved ones and holds an unforgiving stance toward those who inflict harm upon his comrades.

Vermilio: The Red Heavenly King

Vermilio the Red Helck
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Credit: Satelight

The female protagonist, Vermilio the Red, is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Empire.

Her age is not disclosed, but she is 152 centimeters tall, which is close to 5’.

She is a combination of fiery temper and prudence, frequently wearing a scowl on her face.

Her concern for the welfare of the inhabitants in the Demon Kingdom makes it difficult for her to readily place trust in newcomers.

Being counted among the Four Heavenly Kings and boasting a power level of 78, Vermilio commands significant might.

Hon: The Tournament Manager

Hon Helck
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Credit: Satelight

Hon is a demon who resembles a small walrus with a horn, and his age and height remain a mystery in the series.

In the Demon King Tournament arc, he is introduced as the tournament manager.

He is seen updating Vermilio about the ongoing status of the tournament and how Helck is turning out to be the favorite contestant.

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Azudora The Blue

Azudora Helck
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Credit: Satelight

The Heavenly King of the East, Azudora, is more than 1500 years old.

Azudora exhibits a humanoid form characterized by elongated pointed ears and cascading light blue hair, complemented by his deep blue eyes.

In contrast to his associate Vermilio’s temperament, Azudora maintains a remarkably composed and serene demeanor.

Nonetheless, he takes pleasure in playfully taunting Vermilio, which has led to a strain in their relationship.

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