Where to Start Reading Helck After the Anime

Where to Start Reading Helck After the Anime
Credit: Satelight

Where to Start Reading Helck After the Anime
Credit: Satelight

Stepping into the enigmatic world of Helck, the anime adaptation is well-received by fans across the world. So, where can you start reading the Helck manga after the anime’s first season ends? Here are all the details!

The Helck anime series is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao.

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Helck: A One-of-a-Kind Action-Fantasy Story

Helck anime
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Credit: Satelight

After the human warrior’s triumphant victory over the Demon Lord, humanity rejoices in the downfall of the tyrannical ruler.

Fast forward three months from the Demon Lord’s defeat, and the Demon Realm is currently organizing a tournament to select his successor.

Leading the competition is Helck, a human hero unapologetically vocal about his hate for his own people.

The mere idea of a human rising to become the next Demon Lord doesn’t sit well with everyone, and this sentiment is particularly strong in Vamirio the Red.

Her sole mission is to protect her fellow demons and cast Helck as the ultimate foe, even if it means manipulating the tournament to achieve her goal.

Where to Start Reading Helck After the Anime

The first season of the Helck anime is heading toward its conclusion.

Season 1, spanning two consecutive cours, is scheduled for a six-month duration and is expected to end in late 2023. In Helck Season 1, every episode covers three chapters.

Consequently, it is likely that by the season’s conclusion, the anime will have adapted up to Chapter 71 or 72 of the manga.

So, it is safe to say that fans can start reading from Helck Chapter 72 titled Question, which is part of Helck Volume 8. This volume features chapters from the Save the Humans arc.

Hon from Helck
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Here are the chapters from Helck Volume 8:

  • Chapter 69: To a Helpful Future
  • Chapter 70: Humans and Demons
  • Chapter 71: Prisoner
  • Chapter 72: Question
  • Chapter 73: Military Strength
  • Chapter 74: Rococo’s Eyes
  • Chapter 75: Uria the Hero
  • Chapter 76: The Start of War

Where to Read the Helck Manga Online

Vamirio the Red Helck
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The Helck manga is available to read online via platforms such as Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.

Unfortunately, there is no legal place to read the Helck manga online for free.

Where to Buy the Helck Manga

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Fans who wish to collect volumes of the Helck manga can opt to buy them in paperback editions.

The manga volumes are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop.org, Books-A-Million, Kinokuniya, Comic Shops, and RightStuf.

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