Haunting of Hill House Creator Wants to Reboot Stephen King's The Dark Tower

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Mike Flanagan has already proven that he is really good at turning Stephen King's works into truly terrifying projects. However, there's another set of King's books that Flanagan has his eye on. The Haunting of Hill House creator has just admitted that he wants to work on a reboot of The Dark Tower and Flanagan already has big plans for the possible series.

Mike Flanagan recently spoke to IGN where he confessed that The Dark Tower is his dream project.


"I keep coming back to it because I can't -- it has its own gravity, I can't get too far away from it for too long," he said. "Nothing would be a bigger honor or make me happier in my career than to be able to work on that."


Flanagan added, "What it would look like, it would look like the books, you know? I mean the thing for me is, and no disrespect to the film or other people's approaches to the adaptation, but you hear the stories of like -- when I saw the [Dark Tower] movie, it's like they're starting things at this whole other place, you know?"

So how would Mike Flanagan's Dark Tower project differ from the 2017 film? The filmmaker shares his possible opening sequence.

"[My Dark Tower opening] would be a black screen and the words 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed' would come up [on the screen] in silence, and you'd hear the wind," Flanagan said. "And we'd gradually fade up to this Lawrence of Arabia-esque landscape with a silhouette in the distance just making his way across the hard pan, and we would build it out from there in order [through] to the end."

It's an interesting way to open the story and we would love to learn more about it. But for now, a Dark Tower reboot has not yet been announced. Still, we hope that the new project will do Roland Deschain justice.


Mike Flanagan's latest project The Midnight Club is now streaming on Netflix.

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