Grant Gustin Reveals He Has Talked with James Gunn About the DCU

Grant Gustin as The Flash
Credit: The CW

Grant Gustin as The Flash
Credit: The CW

Grant Gustin revealed that he recently talked with James Gunn about the DCU franchise. However, their conversations were not about his role as The Flash.

The actor wrapped his tenure as the Scarlet Speedster in the CW series last year after nine seasons. However, it didn't stop fans from wanting him to continue playing the role in more projects.

There are fans who have also suggested for Gustin to become the DCU's The Flash. So far, DC Studios has not made any casting yet for the role.

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Grant Gustin Has Talked with James Gunn About Superman

Grant Gustin as The Flash
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Credit: The CW

In a recent interview, Gustin shared that he exchanged DMs with Gunn about Superman since he is a fan of the character and is looking forward to the upcoming DCU movie.

"We've never talked about Flash. We've talked, just like, I'm a huge Superman fan. I've always been a Superman fan, since I was a kid. So, I'm just really excited about the movie. And I'm excited about David [Corenswet]'s casting," he said.

"I'm excited to see what James Gunn does with it. So, I think at one point — maybe a couple of different times, we've DM'd about Superman. We've literally never talked Flash. I'm just excited he's doing Superman."

As Gustin stated, the Scarlet Speedster never came up in his conversations with Gunn so it does not suggest at all the possibility of the actor reprising the role or joining the DCU anytime soon.

A lot of fans would definitely love to see the actor become The Flash again at some point given how beloved his version was throughout the nine-season run.

Gustin himself has also stated in a past interview that he is open only if Gunn asks him to do it. For now, fans should wait and see whether it comes to fruition.

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