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It feels like it's been a long time since there was something strange in theaters, even if Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot only did come out in 2016. But thankfully that movie isn't canon, and now, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is right around the corner, the long-awaited threequel to the original two films. A third movie almost became a reality several times since Ghostbusters II in 1989, but sadly, Bill Murray was never satisfied with any script. So call it luck, call it fate, call it karma – everything happens for a reason. But will the new movie live up to all the hype, or is it doomed to be as disastrous as 2016's Ghostbusters: Answer the Call? Well, we'll find out in November. In the meantime, though, here's everything you need to know about Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer

There have now been six trailers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, with the first being the epitome of teasers (though great nonetheless), treating us to glimpses of a rusty Ecto-1 hidden beneath some tarp in an old barn during a thunderstorm (or perhaps a paranormal one). And then some months later, the first official trailer entered our realm, and it looks sweeter than melted marshmallows.

Speaking of marshmallow, another teaser shows Paul Rudd's character innocently shopping for junk food when he discovers sticky little ‘miniPufts' wreaking havoc in a supermarket (which would be a lot harder to clean up than fried eggs on the kitchen counter). Another brand-new trailer followed, which treated us to lots more new footage. Since then, we've had two more, including the final trailer for the film.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Cast

GBA Cast
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Headlining the movie are actors McKenna Grace, Carrie Coon, Logan Kim, Celeste O'Conner, Paul Rudd, and Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, who play Phoebe, Callie, 'Podcast', Lucky, Mr. Grooberson, and Trevor, respectively.

Will the Original Ghostbusters be in Afterlife?

Ghostbusters Afterlife
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It has been confirmed that the original Ghostbusters actors Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson, while supporting actors Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts are returning to the fold.

As you will know, Harold Ramis sadly passed away in 2014, though it's clear from the trailers that the film echoes this tragic turn of events, with his character Egon Spengler's passing catalyzing the film's plot and serving as a foundation for its characters. As for Louis Tully, it's not yet confirmed that Rick Moranis will be returning to fill his shoes, but let's keep everything but the streams crossed.

Whether or not the OG characters will have fleeting cameos (just like in the 2016 reboot), or actually be integral to the plot, remains to be seen, though our gut tells us it will be the latter, largely because of all the references to Gozer in all of the main trailers (and because it looks great).

What is Ghostbusters Afterlife about?

GBA Plot
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While plot details are naturally being kept under wraps, we can surmise a lot from the official trailers alone. For starters, the film is set in a backwater town named Summerville in Oklahoma, where unexplained earthquakes are taking place. We also know that the family in focus are descendants of the late Egon Spengler (with Carrie Coon's character being the daughter or daughter-in-law, and McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard the grandchildren).

The "creepy old farmhouse" has been left to the new family by their "grandfather", while Grace is later seen discovering a secret room somewhere beneath the property the family has inherited, filled with, yes, you guessed it – spores, molds and fungus, and other familiar pieces of equipment. But perhaps the biggest giveaway is the unveiling of ‘Spengler' on the name badge of an old Ghostbusters outfit (though the Ghostbusters themselves appear to have devolved into something of an urban myth).

As for the supernatural side of things, it looks like plot elements are set to tie into the events of the first movie (while also borrowing plenty from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which serves as a canonical sequel to the first two films). The words 'Shandor Mining Co.' can be seen above the spooky mineshaft (Ivo Shandor being the long-dead architect of the original film's haunted apartment building), the StayPuft makes a return (though much smaller and multiplied), there's a towering stack of books in the background during the earthquake scene, and is that a Terror Dog we see land on the hood of Paul Rudd's car...? Yes it is - because we get a full glimpse of the dog in the trailers that followed.

With familiar spooks and specters making a comeback, it's possible that, along with all the other equipment, Egon Spengler also moved the Ecto-Containment Unit to his country house, which may have over the years broken down and ‘leaked' its inmates into the mines of Summerville. As for the new trailer that was released in July this year, much more is revealed. For starters, Egon moved to Summerville for a "reason", there's some kind of Gozer temple beneath the town, the Terror Dogs are set to make a return, with one seen chasing Paul Rudd's Mr Grooberson out of a Walmart, and we're also teased with cameos of Janine and Ray.

Director Jason Reitman has also confirmed that the movie will be a "passing of the proton packs" story, which certainly looks to be the case.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Release Date

GBA News
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Like countless other movies, Ghostbusters: Afterlife was delayed due to the pandemic, and was originally intended to hit theaters last year in July. The Ghostbusters: Afterliferelease date is set for November 19, 2021.

Where to Watch Ghostbusters Afterlife

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be available in theaters on November 19, 2021. It has not yet been confirmed that the film will be available to stream at the same time it's out in theaters, like many other films during the pandemic.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Streaming

GBA Streaming
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Given the fact that other movies are now being released exclusively at movie theaters, it's unlikely we'll be able to watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife at home before it's officially released for rental and purchase.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Toys

GBA Toys
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Hasbro has released a few Ghostbusters lines over the past year, including reproductions of the classic Kenner action figures from the ‘80s cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, as well as life-size proton packs and ghost traps also inspired by the show.

As for merchandise based solely on Ghostbusters: Afterlife, to no surprise, the mischievous mini StayPuft Marshmallow Man figures have emerged, each of which is hidden inside a marshmallowy goo within a container, and Muncher, a four-limbed Slimer-like ghost who can be seen in the new trailer.

For the rest of the characters, HasbroPulse has released new action figures, which include Trevor, Lucky, Podcast and Phoebe, as well as the original Ghostbusters in the form of Ray, Peter and Winston, who are older in appearance. A 'Sentinel Terror Dog' is also part of the line-up, which is the astral-version of the iconic beast and 'Plasma Series Mini Pufts', both seen in the second official trailer. A 'Fright Features' line has also been released, which includes both new and old Ghostbusters, as well as an Ecto-1 with a 'gunnerseat', as seen in the trailer.

LEGO has also announced a brand-new Ecto-1 based off the new movie, which will be released on November 15.

We'll be surprised if Playmobil doesn't also release its own sets based on the new movie, especially given their track record with the originals.

Ghostbusters Afterlife News

GBA News
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Yesterday (June 8) was officially ‘Ghostbusters Day'. To celebrate, the cast and creators of the new movie – Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, Logan Kim, and Celeste O'Conner – did a live Q&A on Twitter Spaces hosted by IGN.

There was certainly a lot of talk around Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but it was clear that plot details are being as carefully contained as a ghost in the Ecto-Containment Unit. When asked to talk about the new movie, director Jason Reitman explained that it "captures the spirit, comedy, scares and emotionality of the first movie". He also went on to say that the film is "a continuation of the storyline set up by the first two films, but that it's the first real Ghostbusters film that focuses on a family, and though the second film did have the Oscar storyline, this one is more family-centric". When talking about what inspired him to make Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Reitman explained, "I saw a young girl with a proton pack in the middle of a wheatfield", before adding that the idea behind the movie is about "finding something in your grandparents' attic or basement that helps you discover who you are."

He also clarified the setting of the movie, confirming that "it's not set at all in New York; we wanted to go somewhere new and we wanted this to feel like we were discovering all this Ghostbusters equipment for the first time. It made sense to get out of New York." Along with his father Ivan, director of the first two movies and producer of Afterlife, Reitman was joined by McKenna Grace, who said that her experience in making Ghostbusters: Afterlife was "a dream come true" and "absolutely magical", while Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard said, "It didn't feel like we were making a big movie, in the best possible way".

ghostbusters afterlife
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Carrie Coon later discussed her character, describing her as a "strong-willed mom who is just trying to make ends meet". But when asked to talk about her relationship with Paul Rudd's science teacher Mr Grooberson, though a possible love interest storyline between the two was hinted at, it was clear that Rudd's character is being kept low-key, and at this stage we know nothing about him other than that he's a mentor to McKenna Grace's Phoebe. Logan Kim and Celeste O'Conner also joined the podcast, who play 'Podcast' and 'Lucky' in the new film.

Shortly after Ghostbusters Day, Sony also released a new featurette for the film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Passing the Proton Pack. The new three-minute video features Jason Reitman and Ivan Reitman talking about their journey in making the new film, as well as Jason Reitman's experience on the sets of the original films. Reitman goes on to talk about how the new film focuses on family and the 'passing of the torch', The featurette includes some new clips and behind-the-scenes footage from the new movie.

Check it out below:

On July 27, Sony confirmed via their Twitter account that a new trailer would be launching on July 28.

The new trailer was released on July 28, revealing new plot details, returning characters and more.

Check it out below:

A new featurette was released on August 3, which shows behind-the-scenes footage of the film, courtesy of special effects artist Adam Savage.

In September, a short teaser was released called 'Moments Worth Paying For', in which Jason Reitman, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, Logan Kim, Celeste O'Conner and Paul Rudd, encourager moviegoers to experience Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters.

An early screening of the film was shown at August's CinemaCon, which has been met with positive reactions.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is was originally set for release on November 12, 2021, but was pushed back by a week, and will now release on November 19.

On September 22, Sony Pictures released two official new posters for the movie.

ghostbusters afterlife
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ghostbusters afterlife
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In September, EMPIRE interviewed director Jason Reitman and his father Ivan Reitman, director of the original two films. They also shared some new images for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Throughout October, the cast held a number of interviews promoting the new film.

A third official trailer premiered on October 18, just shy of two weeks after a surprise screening of the film at the New York Comic Con.

Following the third trailer, a brand-new theatrical poster was revealed, which depicts the characters and villains inside the light from an open ghost trap.

Along with several TV spots, a new clip from the film was shared showing Phoebe and Podcast testing the proton packs.

On November 8, the final trailer for the movie was released.

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