My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date, Studio, Where to Watch, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know!

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date Studio Where to Watch Trailer and Everything You Need to Know
Credit: Bones

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My Hero Academia has been a household name in the anime and manga community as one of the most popular titles released in the 2010s. With its next season coming soon, here is everything you need to know about the My Hero Academia Season 6 release date, trailer, and where to watch the show!

What Is My Hero Academia Season 6 About?


My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, someone born without any superpowers (more commonly known as quirks) in a world where it is common for one to have them. Izuku, who is also known as Deku, dreams of becoming a superhero himself.

Deku was spotted by the greatest hero of Japan, All Might, who scouted Deku. All Might shares his quirk with Deku after he sees his potential to become a superhero.

Deku was able to enroll in the prestigious U.A. High School where heroes go for training, thanks to the help of All Might.

My Hero Academia Season 6 has shared its first official synopsis on Crunchyroll:

"With Bakugo and Todoroki, Deku is doing his work-study at the office of the number one hero, Endeavor. Working hard in the best possible environment, he is growing as a hero and using Blackwhip, a new Quirk that was hiding in One For All."
"Meanwhile, Tomura Shigaraki from the League of Villains clashes against the Metahuman Liberation Army led by Re-Destro. While he's being driven into a corner fighting Re-Destro, he recovers forgotten memories of his terrible childhood and is awakened."
"He [Shigaraki] seizes the Metahuman Liberation Army, expands its influence, and now desires a new power for himself to destroy everything."

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date Deku returns
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Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia announced when Season 6 will be coming out as Studio Bones dropped the news that it will be released on Saturday, October 1, 2022, under the Fall Anime lineup this year.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is expected to release at the same time as the previous time slot of the show at 5:30 PM JST.

The release time will vary depending on your geographical location. The release time at different international locations is as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 2:30 AM
  • Central Time: 4:30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 5:30 AM
  • British Time: 10:30 AM

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Where to Watch My Hero Academia Season 6


It has been confirmed that the pattern for previous seasons will be followed as My Hero Academia Season 6 will be available online on Crunchyroll for those in the US.

As for the Netflix release of My Hero Academia Season 6, there is no news yet on whether it will come out on the said streaming platform in the US. To date, it has only been released on Netflix for regions in Asia.

What Studio Is Producing My Hero Academia Season 6?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date Studio
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Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia became an animated series thanks to the efforts of the production company, Studio Bones.

Bones' creative team on My Hero Academia is composed of Kenji Nagasaki as the director, Yōsuke Kuroda as the writer, Yoshihiko Umakoshi as the character designer, and Yuki Hayashi as the one responsible for the music in the anime.

My Hero Academia’s voice cast is as follows:

  • Daiki Yamashita as Izuku Midoriya
  • Kenta Miyake as All Might
  • Marina Inoue as Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Ryou Hirohashi as Minoru Mineta
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Katsuki Bakugō
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Tenya Iida
  • Ayane Sakura as Ochako Uraraka
  • Aoi Yuki as Tsuyu Asui

My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer

Get a preview of what to expect in the upcoming show. With the return of the heroes, are you excited for My Hero Academia Season 6?

Stay tuned to this page for more updates about My Hero Academia Season 6!