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The Eminence in Shadow Crowbar Meme Reaches Peak With Season 1 Opening Edit

Eminence in Shadow Crowbar Meme Cid

The Eminence in Shadow has a lot of action, but it also has an almost equal amount of hilarity. Even the show’s staff is aware of this, as The Eminence in Shadow shared a hilarious recreation of the Season 1 opening with the crowbar meme.

If you ask any series fan, chances are that they’ll be familiar with the crowbar meme. It seems that this fan phenomenon has extended to the show’s staff, as this funny video is made to promote a new collab.

Spoiler Warning: There are The Eminence in Shadow spoilers in this article.

The Eminence in Shadow: Crowbar Meme Explained

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At first glance, The Eminence in Shadow seems like your typical isekai anime. What sets it apart is how much it leans into the genre conventions, enough that it has become one of the most popular shows in the genre.

Aside from many memorable characters, Eminence has also inspired a ton of memes. Chief among them is the crowbar meme, which has become a fixture among fans.

On the show’s subreddit and X (formerly Twitter), there are lots of references to the crowbar. This makes sense based on the show’s first season.

Before Cid Kagenou was reborn into another world, he first took on the identity of the Stylish Ruffian Slayer. In the premiere episode, he saved a classmate of his from kidnappers.

The first season’s final episode featured a callback to this as Cid wielded two crowbars in his fight against Iris and Beatrix.

Since then, fans have been clamoring for more Cid crowbar goodness. Now, their wishes have finally been answered.

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Official Eminence in Shadow Opening Recreated in Meme-Worthy Fashion

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The show unexpectedly joined in the memes as The Eminence in Shadow shared an official promo video that featured a hilarious crowbar recreation of the Season 1 opening.

Yes, the recreation features everyone as crowbars, showing just how much fun the anime’s staff is having along with the fans.

You can check it out here:

This wasn’t just shared out of the blue though, as it’s a promotion for the anime’s new collab with the hit Japanese mobile game, Monster Strike.

So, what do crowbars have to do with Monster Strike? Not much to be honest. But no one’s complaining as the video is incredibly funny.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 is ongoing, with the next episode to be released on HIDIVE next week.

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