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Dune: Part Two Receives Promising Release Update Amidst Delay Concerns

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Dune: Part Two
Credit: Warner Bros.

Recently, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. may delay the release of Dune: Part Two this fall to 2024 due to the ongoing actors' strike as the cast won't be able to promote the film if it lasts until the weeks leading to the supposed release of the sequel.

So far, we haven't heard any confirmation as the decision is far from being final and they are also reportedly consulting with Legendary Pictures, which will have the final say on whether they are indeed going to delay the release.

A lot of fans are hoping that the film will remain on its fall release date since there has been a lot of anticipation on the sequel and a delay to next year would also put it out of contention for the next awards season.

Now, as we're speculating on the film's potential release delay, we now have an update from a notable figure in the theatrical business.

Dune: Part Two Will Likely Stay on Its November 2023 Release Date

Dune: Part Two
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Credit: Warner Bros.

During the recent earnings call (via The Direct), IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond discussed Dune: Part Two's potential delay in its November release this year where he pushed back on the idea that it could move to 2024 based on what he heard behind the scenes.

"In terms of [Dune,] my own opinion is that it's highly unlikely to move, and it's an educated opinion, meaning I spent a lot of time on the facts. As a matter of fact, [director] Denis Villeneuve presented at the IMAX CEO Forum. So, it's kind of out of the gate," he said.

"So, if you put it back in the game, you've got to duplicate those expenses at some time in the future putting it out of the gate. In addition, Dune has a very long run time in IMAX, up to five or six weeks."

Gelfond also claimed that the report regarding its potential delay is "not true" and iterated once again that he is certain that its move to 2024 won't happen at all.

He added, "And I don't -- they've certainly told me that that article is not true. So, all I can do is give you my logical perspective on it, but I feel quite strongly that it's not going to move."

This is certainly a promising update since it looks like the delay won't happen at all now although it should also be pointed out that this is also a changing situation since the strike could last until fall and the studio might not want to risk release it without a star-studded promotion.

For now, let's just wait and see how the situation will unfold in the coming months and we should be hearing more updates soon whether it will officially release this fall or, as we have all feared, it will move to next year.

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Dune: Part Two is slated for release in theaters on November 3. You can check more details about it here.


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