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Warner Bros. Reportedly Eyeing to Delay Dune: Part Two's Release

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Dune: Part Two
Credit: Warner Bros.

The highly-anticipated Dune: Part Two is supposedly set to arrive this fall and a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing the next chapter in Paul Atreides' journey in Arrakis. As teased by the trailers that they released, it looks like it will be more epic than the first film.

However, in the past week, there have been some growing concerns about its release due to the actors' strike as the cast won't be able to promote the film if it lasts until this fall.

Given that the film will be reliant on having its cast promote the film to the general audience, the studio wouldn't want to risk doing a marketing campaign without its presence.

Now, it looks like the film's arrival in theaters might no longer be happening this fall as the studio is eyeing a potential delay.

Dune: Part Two May Potentially Delay Its Release to 2024

Dune: Part Two
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Variety has reported that Warner Bros. is considering delaying the release of Dune: Part Two to 2024 due to the ongoing writers and actors strike since there is potential that it could last until fall and the cast wouldn't be able to promote it if the scenario happens.

However, it should be pointed out that the decision is not yet near to being final since the studio still has to approach Legendary Pictures and both sides need to be in agreement on the plan.

Another source that was cited in the report also iterated that the fall release will still go on as planned although it could definitely still change depending on the current strike situation.

The studio is also reportedly considering a similar plan for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Color Purple which are both slated for release in theaters this December although no decision has also been meet yet.

If Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures end up pushing with that plan, it could potentially cause a seismic shift on the rest of the release calendar as other films might also follow through and the studios wouldn't want to risk promoting their films without the stars.

Obviously, the issue could be resolved very soon if the striking guilds and the studios would be able to strike a fair deal and pay the writers and actors what they truly deserve within the current business model.

This is going to be an ongoing development that we will definitely monitor as the fate will all depend on the external situation and whether the studios will finally do the right thing and agree on a fair deal.

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Dune: Part Two is currently slated for release in theaters this November 3. You can check more details about it here.


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