Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars?

Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars? Explained
Credit: J.C. Staff

Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars? Explained
Credit: J.C. Staff

Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) is one of the best cooking anime ever made. Aside from its outrageous food reactions, the anime has established a reputation for creating unusual and memorable cuisine that can be served in real life. It stars Yukihira Souma, an aspiring genius chef who, despite obstacles, tries to be the best. That said, do Erina and Soma end up working together in the Food Wars?

At the time of writing, the Food Wars manga has already been completed. It was so popular that it produced five anime seasons, the first of which debuted in April 2015.

Aside from the original manga, the series has spawned a spin-off series called Shokugeki no Soma -Le dessert-.

There's also the Shokugeki no Soma: L'étoile spin-off series and the Shokugeki no Sanji crossover series with One Piece.

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About Erina Nakiri and Soma Yukihira

Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars? About Erina Nakiri and Yukihira Soma
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Credit: J.C. Staff

Erina is a member of the powerful Nakiri family. Her family has a well-deserved reputation in the culinary world, thanks to their patrician roots, powerful status, and high culinary standards. Her "God's Tongue," which may make or break a chef's career, is very much respected.

Because of her background and skills, Erina developed a superiority complex among individuals she believes are unworthy of her time. Since she was a child, she has turned down numerous dishes after taking her responsibility seriously.

Soma, on the other hand, appears to be an ordinary high school student until we learn that he is the son of Joichiro Saiba, a genius traveling chef.

Soma's mother died while he was a youngster owing to problems caused by her birth condition. Soma has been challenging his father day by day in the hopes of one day defeating him.

Surprisingly, Erina considers Joichiro Saiba to be the ultimate chef. Joichiro is her idol because of his simple recipes that give the taster an overpowering sensation of warmth and fun.

Erina keeps a photo of Joichiro from her childhood with her, even after she met Soma at Totsuki Culinary Academy.

Erina feels shocked and horrified by Yukihira Soma's naming style and culinary technique after meeting him. Despite this, Erina recognized Soma's cooking talents were superior to the others.

Soma's application was turned down by Erina, on the other hand, due to her pride and ego.

Erina is surprised when she sees Yukihira Soma at Totsuki Culinary Academy. Soma receives a special recommendation for admission to the academy.

Since then, Erina has come to believe that Soma does not deserve to be there all the time and that his culinary skills degrade the academy.

With his 12 years of hands-on cooking experience under his brilliant father, Soma always rises to the occasion.

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Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars?

Do Erina and Soma End Up Together in Food Wars? Couple
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Credit: J.C. Staff

Unfortunately, Erina and Soma did not end up together in Food Wars. The anime's romance has been pushed under the rug, as is customary.

So much for the anime community's divisive pairing conflicts between Erina and Soma, as well as Soma and Megumi.

Regardless, the Erina and Soma ship is thought to have sailed peacefully into the future. After all, it's alluded to at the end of the Food Wars manga.

Soma had become an overseas traveling chef, and when he returned, Erina was the first person he confided in. Erina manages to see Soma's arrival for the latter's family dinner despite her rigorous schedule as director and headmaster of the Totsuki Culinary Academy.

Both monologues explain the inspiration behind a winning meal. They believe it is critical that the chef cooks cuisine with passion and dedication for a very special person to taste.

They are both aware that they have lingering feelings for each other, but they are unable to express them. Regardless, many anticipate Erina and Soma's marriage in the near future.

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