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Star Wars: Diego Luna Teases Andor’s Sister Connection To Rogue One

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With Andor Season 1 recently ending, Star Wars fans are quick to notice how the show has yet to address one of their ‘abandoned’ plot points, which is Andor’s longing search for his sister.

To recap, we saw Andor arriving on a new planet in episode 1, looking for his sister in a brothel when he found out that a native from his home planet Kenari worked there. However, it would seem that Season 1 has not focused back on Andor finding his sister. Diego Luna addresses this in his interview.

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Speaking with Collider, showrunner Tony Gilroy refused to give away any potential spoilers for the upcoming season 2 aside from confirming time jumps to occur. Diego Luna, on the other hand, doesn’t shy away in expressing his opinion about his character’s journey. Read his full comment below:

“I don’t think it’s ever over. I don’t think it’s over in Rogue One, because I see that as one thing. It’s like the feeling, it’s one of those things that kind of follows every decision you make, or never letting [go] anymore, not again. That kind of thing.”

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Gilroy continues on to say how Andor’s eventual suicide mission will tie up the arc in Rogue One, rather than ending the story in Season 2, seeing as Andor is the prequel series to Rogue One.

“And I think that’s behind the decision of that last mission, that suicide mission in Rogue One. That’s for her. That’s for Maarva, that’s for his people, for his community. I love the arc that Tony has built, and the arc ends in Rogue One, not in season 2.”

Finally, Luna gets to say his thoughts on what Andor Season 2 will be like for anticipating fans and viewers, indicating the same message he said when he ‘blamed’ Rogue One for its impact in creating Andor.

“I think it’s going to be quite amazing to watch Rogue One after you see Season 2. I think you’ll see a different film. For sure, you’ll understand the character from a different perspective, and you’ll be with him in a different way.”

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Andor Season 2 is set to have its one-year time jump to continue Andor’s journey, and it is likely that we will be brought back to Andor’s motive on searching for his sister. It is interesting to see how this will tie up with the events of Rogue One and how Andor would reunite with his sister.

All episodes of Andor Season 1 are currently streaming on Disney Plus, with Andor Season 2 expected to arrive in 2024 at earliest.

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