Is Chloe Bennet's Quake in Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury has returned to earth, but at what cost? After being MIA from earth along with his colleagues and in keeping his promise to the Skrulls to help them find a new home, Fury is set to battle the Secret Invasion on his home planet on his own.

However, many MCU fans have long speculated that he might not be facing the Skrulls alone, given there’s a chance Daisy Johnson aka Quake will likely be making an appearance in the series.

With Secret Invasion already releasing its first two episodes, Daisy has not yet been included in the series. Will we eventually see her in the series, though?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Secret Invasion, and possibly, Agents of SHIELD, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Who is Daisy Johnson/Quake? Explained

Secret Invasion: Will Chloe Bennet's Quake Appear?
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Credit: Marvel

Agents of SHIELD may not be directly tied into the MCU timeline as much as the other MCU films and series, but the Marvel Television series is still very much crucial for the franchise.

Not only is the series MCU’s first tie-in TV series, but it also features a broader story behind the agents of SHIELD, the ones we rarely see with the Avengers.

In the Marvel Comics, Daisy Johnson got her powers passed on by her illegitimate father, Calvin Zabo, who was a criminal scientist experimenting on himself and ended up providing Daisy powers.

Daisy Johnson is one of Nick Fury’s most trusted agents whose superhero alias, Quake, grants her the power of, as her name suggests, earthquake-like damage and abilities.

Quake’s abilities include producing massive vibration waves akin to the natural disaster, controlling its impact from small areas to larger ones, all the while remaining immune to the effect herself.

Apart from that, she had also had experience training as a SHIELD agent which includes personal combat, weapons, and covert operations.

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Secret Invasion Plot Theory: How Daisy Johnson Could Appear in the Disney Plus Series

Secret Invasion: Will Chloe Bennet's Quake Appear?
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Credit: Marvel

One of the hints that Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson could make her MCU return in Secret Invasion is the fact that in the Marvel Comics, she was personally chosen by Nick Fury to be a member of Secret Warriors, which is an elite team trained to deal with unique earth enemies and villains.

This would, of course, include the Skrull colony invasion on earth.

However, do take note that back in September 2021, when Secret Invasion first started filming, Bennet was quick to address her appearance in the series on her Instagram story, in which she outright admitted:

“I am in no way attached or involved, even at all or a little bit, in Secret Invasion. I honestly don’t even know.”

However, Bennet did say back in May 2023 that if she would be more than open to make her MCU comeback if given the chance (via ScreenRant):

“I’ve not been asked, but I would be more than excited to put on the suit again. And of course, of course, Daisy is a big part of who I am. So I would love to, but I have not been communicated [with] about it.”

Marvel Studios likes to keep its secrets and spoilers away from MCU fans as much as possible and though Bennet addressing her return doesn’t mean she’s keeping her potential cameo a secret, there’s still a chance that the early filming wouldn’t necessarily involve Quake, right?

Besides, a Secret Warrior member could easily be Fury’s answer to the problem here. Do take note that the absence of the Avengers in the series doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Fury, in fact, knew that getting them involved would only dissolve into more chaos, which could potentially lead to using Daisy Johnson’s Quake, instead.

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So, Is Daisy Johnson in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion: Will Chloe Bennet's Quake Appear?
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Credit: Marvel

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Secret Invasion Episode 5 teased an open chance for us to finally see Chloe Bennet's Quake in the Marvel series.

Not only did Nick Fury revealed they 'harvested' some Avengers DNA during the Battle of Earth, but one of the hints actually suggest that Quake may be one of those DNA collectors he trusted enough to acquire this product.

In Fury's words: "Nearly every Avenger spilled blood in the Battle of Earth. Even Carol Danvers. In the aftermath, some were sent in to collect that DNA. Some with the ability to blend in."

While this little crumb of 'hint' may be indicating one of Skrulls now working under Gravik, Quake could easily be one of the 'collectors' involved behind the scenes.

Plus, there is the questionable call Nick Fury made by the end of Secret Invasion Episode 5, where he told the caller, "It's time. Let's finish this."

Unfortunately, now that Secret Invasion has come to an end with its sixth episode, Quake was in fact NOT in the MCU series.

This caused quite an uproar from MCU fans, seeing as she was one of the key heroes they long wanted to see in action.

If Daisy Johnson had appeared in Secret Invasion, it would have tied in the series, Agents of SHEILD, quite nicely, plus in Nick Fury finding solace by getting help from one of the few trusted agents he could ever seek help from.

Is Chloe Bennet's Quake in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Although Quake didn't show up, it was actually G'iah who ended up saving the Skrulls and earth from the invasion.

G'iah was able to acquire the Super Skrulls ability, after all, and since she decided to work against Gravik and chose to team up with Nick Fury, as a ploy to get revenge on the death of her parents (Talos and Soren).

Fury trusted her with the Avengers DNA, leading G'iah to lead Fury's team to victory and defeated Gravik with the power of the Guardians of the Galaxy's and Captain Marvel's super powers.

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