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Chainsaw Man Fans Celebrate Operation Super Smart With Power, Denji, & Kishibe Fan Art

Chainsaw Man Operation Super Smart Power

To celebrate the release of Episode 10 today, a Chainsaw Man fan artist released a special fan art of Power, Denji, and Kishibe in their Operation Super Smart looks.

Specifically, this fan art is based on a picture of some iconic actors, albeit changed to the trio that takes center stage in the anime’s latest episode.

Power and Denji also sport new looks here which was shown in the recent episode preview.

Spoiler Warning: This article has minor spoilers for Chainsaw Man Episode 10 and Chapter 32 in the manga.

Operation Super Smart

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Even if you haven’t read the manga, you've probably already seen fan art of Power and Denji in glasses.

The show’s opening also has a glimpse of Power in her ponytail and glasses look.

The latest episode preview, which was shared on the official MAPPA YouTube channel, also shows the two in their new looks as they fight Kishibe in various locations, including a cemetery and what seems to be an apartment complex.

This new look for Power and Denji comes courtesy of Operation Super Smart, the plan of the two to take down the “old geezer” Kishibe as part of their hellish new training.

Following the recent episodes’ events, Power and Denji encounter Kishibe who tells them that they are still woefully unprepared for the challenges that face devil hunters.

Kishibe then offers to train them. While this seems like a standard shonen training arc, it is far from it as Kishibe actively kills them. Though as devils, the two can recover by drinking blood.

Instead of overpowering Kishibe, the two decide to outsmart him instead, thus beginning Operation Super Smart.

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Power, Denji, and Kishibe Fan Art

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Operation Super Smart is a moment that many Chainsaw Man manga readers are excited about.

After all, it puts the spotlight on Kishibe, a fan-favorite for being one of the series’ strongest devil hunters.

To celebrate the moment in Episode 10, @reiyamm on Twitter shared fan art of the trio that’s based on an iconic picture of Mads Mikkelsen together with The Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Aside from this unique fan art of the trio, artists have also begun sharing artworks of Power based on her ponytailed look for the latest operation.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 will be released today on Crunchyroll outside Japan, including countries such as the US.

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