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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Finally Animates Himeno's Iconic Disgusting Moment

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 is finally here and it's another 23 minutes of action, chaos, and yucks. The Devil Hunters (actually, just Denji) continued to take on the Eternity Devil and we finally got to learn more about Himeno. In fact, the episode featured a lot of Himeno and that includes her iconic gross moment from the manga.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7: Denji vs Eternity Devil

In Chainsaw Man Episode 7, Denji agrees to take on the Eternity Devil which proves to be difficult considering that it has hidden its heart. Early on, Chainsaw Man loses blood from the fight, causing his chainsaws to retract.

Luckily, he quickly finds a way to solve the problem, drinking the Eternity Devil's blood from its wounds to resupply himself. At one point, the devil manages to snap Denji's neck but Himeno uses her ghost arm to pull his cord and revive him, starting the cycle that lasts for three days.

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By the third day, the exhausted Eternity Devil offers up its core to Denji who promptly slices it in half, allowing the Devil Hunters to exit the building. However, he also collapses in exhaustion.

Himeno Gives Denji A Taste of a Kiss

Later, Himeno proposes a newbie welcome party to celebrate the newcomers to the company. Aki Hayakawa agrees on the condition they have the party soon so Makima can attend.

At the party, Denji asks Himeno about the promised kiss but she says she'll do it when she is drunk. Unfortunately, she got too drunk and gave him the worst kiss imaginable.

Himeno's kiss has been one of the iconic panels from the Chainsaw Man manga and it is even more disgusting now that it has been animated.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 concluded on a cliffhanger so we'll have to wait until next week to find out if Denji gets any action. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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