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How Chainsaw Man Beat the Eternity Devil Explained

How Chainsaw Man Beat the Eternity Devil Explained Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

The Eternity Devil makes its anime debut in Chainsaw Man, and Denji and the other Public Safety Devil Hunters find themselves trapped inside the Morino Hotel. After being pressured by his peers, Denji decides to face the Eternity Devil head-on to survive. Given this situation, how did Chainsaw Man beat the Eternity Devil?

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

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How Powerful Is the Eternity Devil?

How Powerful is the Eternity Devil Eternity Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

Fear empowerment, blood consumption, contract creation, corpse possession, and reincarnation are just some of the abilities of the Eternity Devil.

Aside from its standard devil abilities, the Eternity Devil has the power to construct pocket realities, stop time, and create personas.

The Eternity Devil is powerful enough in the Morino Hotel to kill the organization's first unit of devil hunters.

Because of this, Makima assigned Aki’s special unit, composed of Himeno, Arai, Kobeni, Denji, and Power, to stop the devil.

Initially, the Eternity Devil appeared in front of the devil hunters as a helpless, decapitated head, confusing everyone as to its true level of threat.

When Power tried to kill it, Himeno used her ghostly devil arm to slice the devil's head off first.

How Powerful is the Eternity Devil Eternity Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

Inside, Aki and the others discover that they can't go any higher or lower than the hotel's eighth floor.

Nothing they do to get off the hotel's eighth floor works. Every floor entrance and exit brought them back to the same level.

As it turns out, this is one of the Eternity Devil's abilities—Pocket Reality Creation.

Furthermore, time stops at the eighth floor, implying that no one will come looking for the devil hunters who are trapped inside the hotel.

Later, in a massive fleshy form, the Eternity Devil appears and offers to enter into a contract with the devil hunters in exchange for Denji's corpse.

The Eternity Devil grew so large because it fed on everyone's fear of him, especially Kobeni and Arai, who are in a frenzy.

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How Did Chainsaw Man Beat the Eternity Devil?

Because the Eternity Devil wants Denji's heart, the latter eventually decided to confront the devil and settle everything.

After all, Denji is forced to fight the Eternity Devil alone because his peers, with the exception of Himeno and Aki, want him to offer his life to the devil in order to survive.

Denji pulls the cord on his chest, transforms into Chainsaw Man, and leaps into what appears to be the mouth of the Eternity Devil.

There, Chainsaw Man uses all of his chainsaws to sever the Eternity Devil's body.

Despite the Eternity Devil's regenerative abilities, Chainsaw Man continued to fight for three days.

Chainsaw Man's injuries nearly kill him at one point, but he decides to drink the blood of the Eternity Devil to heal his wounds and keep his chainsaws running.

How Did Chainsaw Man Beat the Eternity Devil Eternity Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

Himeno also helped Denji in regenerating by pulling Chainsaw Man's cord on his chest with her ghostly devil arm.

The Eternity Devil eventually surrenders and shows Chainsaw Man his core, which resembles a lemniscate.

After three days of torture, the Eternity Devil breaks down and begs Chainsaw Man to kill him.

Finally, Chainsaw Man grants the Eternity Devil's request and saws him in half.

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Will the Eternity Devil Return?

Will the Eternity Devil Return Eternity Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

After its appearance in the Eternity Devil Arc, the Eternity Devil failed to return in Chainsaw Man.

But technically, the Eternity Devil has the ability to reincarnate. After its death, the Eternity Devil will resurrect in Hell.

When it dies in Hell, it returns to Earth and manifests as another person, making the Eternity Devil nearly immortal.

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