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Bruce Campbell Claims His Marvel Cameos Are All Connected

Bruce Campbell in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Credit: Marvel Studios

Aside from playing Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise, Bruce Campbell is also recognized by fans for his cameo appearances in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. While he only appeared for one scene in each film, he still had memorable presences that stood out.

The actor repeated the bit when Raimi directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when he showed up as Pizza Poppa during the middle of the film and then appeared again in the post-credits scene.

While Campbell's cameo appearances were seen as an easter egg since he is best friends with Raimi, some fans are also wondering whether they are all connected since the MCU is now exploring the multiverse.

Now, the actor has finally chimed in and revealed what some fans may have suspected about his Marvel cameos.

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Bruce Campbell Reveals His Spider-Man and Doctor Strange 2 Cameos Are the Same Person

Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2
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Credit: Sony

Speaking with, Campbell revealed that his cameo roles in Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are all the same character thanks to the multiverse.

"The cameos are like, in the Spider-Man movies -- if you know anything about the multiverse, you know now, retroactively, I'm in the multiverse now because of Doctor Strange. I'm not a pizza vendor, OK?" he said.

"That would be a massive mistake to think I'm just a pizza vendor, or an usher, or a ring announcer, or a maître d'. It's called the multiverse, my friend. So, yes, he is the same character, but we don't know who he really is. It has not been revealed yet."

The actor also revealed that he already had a conversation with Marvel Studios surrounding his future multiverse appearances.

He added, "I just got off the phone with the guys at Marvel, and we're getting close to finding out."

When asked whether the character is a version of Mysterio, Campbell simply responded, "I can't confirm or deny."

This is a surprising reveal for my fans since there was an assumption that Campbell's cameos were just easter eggs or gags that have no connections at all and the actor most likely did it as a favor for Raimi.

Now, it looks like they are changing the canon of his cameos and making him an actual character who somehow found himself in various universes. It is interesting to see what kind of reveal and explanation they will do with Campbell's mysterious cameos.

This information certainly changes our perception of his various Marvel cameos and this could result in many fan theories in the coming days now that they have this tidbit to explore.

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