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Bocchi the Rock! Album’s Vinyl Record Gets Creative Anime Trailer

Bocchi the Rock! Vinyl Record Hitori Gotoh

It may seem like only a few months have passed since Bocchi the Rock! ended, but it has been over a year now since it premiered. To mark its anniversary, Bocchi the Rock! will release a vinyl record of the Kessoku Band album.

To further promote the LP’s upcoming release, a special commercial was shared via the show’s official YouTube channel and X (formerly Twitter) that shows off the record’s design combined with scenes from the anime.

Kessoku Band Album’s Vinyl Release Highlighted in New Trailer

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The Bocchi the Rock! Kessoku Band album was initially released as a CD and on streaming platforms back in December 2022, shortly after the anime’s finale.

Since then, Bocchi has gotten numerous merch and collabs revealed, including a replica of Bocchi’s Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar, which will be made in limited quantities.

For fans who don’t get lucky with the guitar lottery, or for those with a tighter budget but still want a cool collectible, the Kessoku Band album’s LP release is a must-have.

This record was highlighted in a creative new commercial that you can watch here:

In this commercial, the physical record was shown being played, all while various scenes from the anime are being played on the side.

It might not be as visually striking as the anime’s zanier moments, but it’s still a nice tribute to the show. Not to mention that it shows off the record’s minimalist label, with colored circles representing the band members.

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Bocchi the Rock! Vinyl Record to Release in Japan This Month

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As the album contains 14 songs, the LP release features two records, with each side consisting of three or four songs.

This vinyl version won’t come with the new songs from the EP released earlier this year, but it’s still a must-have for the most dedicated fans.

Aside from featuring a nice design on the physical records, the album also comes with a new cover that features a different pose for the Kessoku Band members.

Bocchi the Rock!’s vinyl album will be released in Japan on December 27, 2023. It is priced at JPY 6,600 (around USD 46).

As the CD version was released only in Japan, chances are that this will also get launched only in Japan. This means fans outside the country will have to either visit or have it shipped via a package forwarding service.

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