Bocchi the Rock - What Guitars Do They Use?

What Guitars Do They Use in Bocchi the Rock Hitori
Credit: CloverWorks

What Guitars Do They Use in Bocchi the Rock Hitori
Credit: CloverWorks

If you're a musician or music enthusiast apart from being an anime fan, Bocchi the Rock! might have caught your eye. But what guitars do the characters use in Bocchi the Rock? We've got the answer right here!

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Bocchi the Rock! – A Journey of Growth Through Music

Bocchi the Rock! is a music anime by studio CloverWorks that is ideal for fans of slice-of-life anime.

Based on a manga written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji, Bocchi the Rock! follows Hitori Gotou, a high-school girl who starts learning how to play the guitar.

Hitori's dream is to join a band, but because she is very shy, she hasn't managed to make a single friend at school so far.

In walks Nijika Ijichi, a drummer who is looking for a new guitarist for her band, and who might be the key to making Hitori's dream come true!

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What Guitars Do They Use in Bocchi the Rock?

What Guitars Do They Use in Bocchi the Rock Hitori
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Credit: CloverWorks

The anime itself doesn't specify the exact type of guitar used, but Reddit users speculated that Hitori's guitar looks like a custom Gibson Les Paul.

More information about the equipment was revealed right after Bocchi the Rock!'s finale when the anime launched a collaboration campaign with Yamaha, Steinberg, Ampeg, and Marshall.

Since Bocchi the Rock! is a pretty realistic slice-of-life anime with well-drawn details as well as great acoustics, many fans have been interested in finding out more about the types of guitars used in the show.

What Type of Guitar Does Hitori Have?

What Type of Guitar Does Hitori Have Hitori
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Credit: CloverWorks

A Reddit thread from around the time the anime started airing explores the question of what type of guitar Hitori aka Bocchi-chan plays.

A Reddit user pointed out an instance in Episode 3 where her guitar sounds acoustic and there is no visible amplifier. However, her guitar still looks like an electric guitar.

Another user specified that acoustic guitars amplify vibrations and sound through their body and out of the sound hole, while an electric guitar's body doesn't have the same qualities, relying on external amplifiers instead.

In reality, this is an antique guitar that is currently not available to buy.

What Type of Guitar Does Hitori Use Hitori
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Credit: CloverWorks

Reddit users further commented, with some of them thinking that an old Les Paul guitar is unlikely for a high school freshman, as it could be pretty heavy and therefore hard to use.

It's quite common to see fictional characters use vintage objects that are not easy for the rest of us to come by, so Bocchi having such a guitar in a fictional anime isn't that outrageous.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that Bocchi is using a guitar her father had when he was young, so it was definitely built in the 20th century, explaining why it looks vintage to modern viewers.

Following the launch of the special collaboration website with Yamaha, it was revealed that the first guitar Hitori uses is a Gibson Les Paul, as fans predicted.

Her second guitar is a PACIFICA611 Yamaha electric guitar.

Music lovers who want to find out all the special details may also visit the collaboration website to learn all about the equipment used in the anime!

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