Bocchi the Rock! and Epiphone Recreate Bocchi’s Gibson Les Paul

Bocchi the Rock Gibson Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock Gibson Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! already has lots of cool collabs that were released over the past year, but this latest one might be the coolest. Recently, Bocchi the Rock! teamed up with Epiphone by Gibson to recreate Bocchi’s Les Paul guitar.

This new Bocchi edition guitar was revealed on the Aniplex Plus website and shared on the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.

There, it was revealed that this guitar will only be limited to 200 units, making it possibly the most exclusive Bocchi collab yet.

Gibson Les Paul: Hitori Gotoh’s First Guitar

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Shortly after the first season’s finale, Bocchi the Rock! teamed up with Yamaha for a replica Hitori guitar. This guitar is a Yamaha PACIFICA – the same model that Bocchi buys in the last episode.

PACIFICA model guitars are widely available in Japan, but only two units of the specific Bocchi version were made. These were given to two lucky fans via a lottery.

Of course, while the PACIFICA is Bocchi’s new guitar moving forward, her first guitar is still the more iconic one for many fans.

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Bocchi began her music journey when she borrowed her dad’s Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue Ebony during middle school.

Since then, the Les Paul Custom has become her constant companion, though it did show its age during the Kessoku Band's school festival performance.

The Les Paul is arguably one of the most iconic guitars of all time, with legendary musicians using one as their signature guitar. These include Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Slash of Guns N’ Roses.

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Bocchi the Rock! and Epiphone Reveal Limited Edition Bocchi Edition Les Paul

The exact Les Paul model that Bocchi uses is quite rare. Now, though, the most hardcore Bocchi fans will get a chance to buy one as Bocchi the Rock! and Epiphone by Gibson revealed a special edition Les Paul.

This limited-edition model not only recreates Hitori’s first guitar, but it also comes with special design flourishes like a plate and a special guitar bag.

Take note that there are only 200 units that will be released for this model. This means fans will need to enter a lottery to get a chance to buy one.

Epiphone is Gibson’s more budget-friendly brand, though it still produces iconic Gibson body guitars like the Les Paul.

Even though it’s a more affordable brand, the Les Paul Bocchi Edition doesn’t come cheap as it’s priced at JPY 128,000 (around USD 850).

The lottery for this guitar is open for applications now until November 28, 2023.

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Source: Aniplex Plus

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