Is Bird Box Barcelona a Spin-Off or Sequel?

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Georgina Campbell, Mario Casas, Nalia Schuberth in Bird Box Barcelona
Credit: Netflix

When Netflix released Bird Box in 2018, it quickly rose to fame for its unique storyline. Of course, Sandra Bullock's performance in the film was also something that stood out.

Following this, the streaming giant is coming up with a Bird Box Barcelona. But we want to know is Bird Box Barcelona a spin-off or sequel?

Here's what we know about the film.

What Is Bird Box Barcelona Story About?

Georgina Campbell in Bird Box Barcelona
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Credit: Netflix

The film's official synopsis reads:

“From the producers of the global phenomenon, Bird Box, comes Bird Box Barcelona, an expansion of the film that riveted audiences in 2018. After a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, Sebastian must navigate his own survival journey through the desolate streets of Barcelona. As he forms uneasy alliances with other survivors and they try to escape the city, an unexpected and even more sinister threat grows.”

Is Bird Box Barcelona a Sequel or Spin-off?

Mario Casas in Bird Box Barcelona
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Credit: Netflix

Technically speaking, Bird Box Barcelona is neither a spin-off or sequel of the 2018 film, Bird Box.

The two films are set in the same universe with the series of events taking place in Barcelona, Spain. If we can recall, the original film had a five-year time jump.

It's possible that Bird Box Barcelona continues the story from the first time humans discovered the monsters and then Sandra Bullock's five-year time jump happens.

If this is the case, Bird Box Barcelona is not a direct sequel or spin-off of the movie.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Dylan Clark explained:

“The events that we see Malorie/Sandra Bullock endure in the original Bird Box are happening at the same time that Sebastian/Mario Casas is going through his journey. Being in Barcelona gave us a chance to see how surviving this intense threat in an iconic city poses different challenges.“

He went on further:

“Malorie’s journey was just the first chapter of this global, apocalyptic event,” adds producer Chris Morgan. As we were developing the original film, we often discussed what would be happening at the same time in different countries around the world. During this extinction-level event for humanity, how would families in Europe, Asia, Africa respond to the mysterious creatures’ sudden appearance around the globe? What unique challenges would people face based on their geography, culture, their politics? Bird Box Barcelona gives us the opportunity to expand and explore the mystery further.“

If Bird Box Barcelona receives the same box-office success as the original film, it's possible that we could see other movies be added to the Bird Box universe.

Will Sandra Bullock Be in Bird Box Barcelona?

Sandra Bullock as Malorie in Bird Box
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Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock will not be joining the film. Since Bird Box Barcelona happens around the same time as the first movie, Bullock will still be battling to survive against the monsters (and the corrupted humans).

Instead, Bird Box Barcelona will be starred by Mario Casas, Naila Schuberth, and Georgina Campbell. The movie is directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor.

We'll likely see Bullock reprise her role as Malorie in a spin-off project based on a novel written by Josh Malerman entitled Malorie. Right now, however, Netflix has not announced its plans of adapting this book into a movie.

Bird Box Barcelona is coming out on Netflix on July 14, 2023. You can watch the trailer here:

And this was the announcement teaser that Netflix released last May 9.


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