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Will There Be an Ao Ashi Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

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Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date News and Predictions

When Ao Ashi episode 1 aired in April, few people knew it would become one of the most popular sports anime in recent years. With the series’ two-cour run coming to an end, there will be a huge demand for an Ao Ashi season 2.

How likely is a sequel for Ao Ashi, and if it does come back, when can fans expect it to air?

Will There Be An Ao Ashi Season 2?

Will There Be An Ao Ashi Season 2
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There has been no official confirmation regarding a second season of Ao Ashi. However, based on positive reviews, there is a good chance the series will come back in some form in the future.

Since being on the air, the Ao Ashi manga has received a significant sales boost in Japan, selling over 5 million additional copies. The series has also been highly rated internationally, although hasn’t achieved the popularity of some bigger titles.

Some series announce a second season shortly after the first. However, this hasn't happened so far with Ao Ashi.

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date Predictions: What to Expect

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date Predictions
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If it’s decided that Ao Ashi deserves a second season, it’s unlikely we will see it soon.

The first season of Ao Ashi adapted just over one-third of the existing manga, so there is enough source material for the story to continue. The Ao Ashi manga is still ongoing, with chapters usually released weekly.

However, a 24-episode anime is quite the endeavour, and the studio may have other projects lined up now Ao Ashi has concluded.

There is always the option of a different format. Ao Ashi season 2 could be a single-cour, 12-episode anime. This length is more common and would allow for a quicker adaptation. However, even with one cour, most anime adaptations take around a year to go from announcement to airing.

Given how nothing has been announced so far and assuming no major work is being done behind the scenes, the earliest we may expect an Ao Ashi sequel would be late 2023.

Ao Ashi could also do a movie release, similar to those recently announced for Haikyuu and Slam Dunk. However, those series are quite established sports anime titles – this move would be unlikely for Ao Ashi and there is no indication of this happening right now.

Of course, if anything official regarding Ao Ashi season 2 is announced, we’ll update this page, so stay tuned!


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