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All Chainsaw Man Ending Songs List, Artists, Spotify, and More!

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All Chainsaw Man Ending Songs List Artists Spotify and More Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man fans have given the horror anime so much love before it even came out, and the team behind it seems dedicated to delivering an extravagant production that includes a different ending song each week. So, here's a list of all Chainsaw Man ending songs, artists, Spotify info, and more!

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Chainsaw Man Ending Songs

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs Aki
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Credit: MAPPA

1. Chainsaw Blood

The first Chainsaw Man ending song is titled Chainsaw Blood now that Denji is a hybrid between a human and a devil by the end of the episode.

As such, he will be able to restore himself by drinking blood, making this a fitting song for right after his first transformation.

You can also watch the video clip for Chainsaw Blood on studio MAPPA's official YouTube Channel.

Here are some of the lyrics of this dynamic song that fits Denji's new life as the titular Chainsaw Man:

Even the rushing crowds are light and could crack
A flat point of view that I get when I cry
My heart pumps so hard I’m so angry
that I forget to turn the chain
I want to drown out everything
and only hear the sound of the engine
Smack now Rusty black

2. Time Left

The second Chainsaw Man ending theme is titled Time Left. For those who've only followed the story up to Episode 2, this title might seem perfectly innocent.

However, for those who know more, there's the potential for interesting foreshadowing. After all, devil hunters aren't the most long-lived people.

Here are some of the song's lyrics:

It’s annoying to scream and get eaten
Days I can’t give up, let’s become nourishment and pollute each other
again I don’t know how long I have left, and I can’t get up
The lachrymal glands of the spinal cord reflex are grateful if you sing in a murky voice...

3. Hawatari 2-Oku Centi

For the third ending, we have a dynamic but slightly creepy song that fits really well with the scary Bat Devil, as well as the episode's ambiguous ending.

The song is more vibes than lyrics, but here's an approximate translation of the most interesting ones:

The devil’s song,
The devil’s sound
Wow, what a good kid
Who is the hunter?
Who is the demon?
Oh…Shuttered into pieces
This collected saved goriness
Just for you, for you
I was presenting it
We’re blood-unweaned children
who have nowhere to live

The lyrics above epitomize Denji and Power's ambiguous position in the rankings of Public Safety.

They are both connected to the world of the devils in a real way; Denji is a hybrid, and Power is a fiend, but neither is a full devil, nor a full human.

Yet, they are employed to hunt devils, that is, their own kind. And if they stop doing so, they literally have "nowhere to live" as Makima has promised to exterminate them if they stop following her orders.

4. Jouzai

Chainsaw Man's fourth ending theme song is called Jouzai, which roughly translates to Tablet in English.

As was the case with the episode itself, Power was at the forefront, with some amazing pop art.

So far, the ending songs of Chainsaw Man have shown not only nice music but also the opportunity for fans to see the characters drawn in a different style.

Here are some of the translated lyrics:

Under a round moon,
Investigating skyscrapers with tangled electric wires
Blonde hair flowing in the wind looked down upon me
Hiding in filth that won’t wash away even if it rains Venus,
Who destroyed all sense of decency, is grinning
With big round eyes that don’t even understand good from evil

Given how Denji and Power have already come to learn new things about each other and even have each other's backs, we'd say that the song fits them.

5. In the Back Room

The fifth ending song of Chainsaw Man is titled In the Back Room.

Its video clip features all the members of Aki's team, including recent recruits Denji and Power, and supporting characters Himeno, Kobeni, and Arai.

Here are some of the song's lyrics:

Wait a minute, this isn’t alright
Same old hell tomorrow,
With no way out
Can’t seem to find it at all, but
Do you know anything about it?
Come to think of it, the encounter was simple
Like taking a hit of hard liquor
My head went spinning round and round
Then the eyes met
In exchange for this flash of sensation
I dedicate my life and heart
Never ending anxiety and nightmare
By the time I awoke, I had become a poisonous insect

In the Back Room epitomizes the life of a devil hunter in the universe of Chainsaw Man. It also likely reflects the relationship between Himeno and Aki.

Devil hunters are in constant danger of dying but their lives can also become a living hell.

Many of them lost loved ones prior to becoming hunters, and, if not, they experience loss soon enough.

In Episode 5, it's revealed that Himeno lost five other partners before Aki, which only strengthened her determination to at least keep him safe.

Moreover, as the lines "By the time I awoke, I had become a poisonous insect" indicate, many devil hunters are expected to sacrifice parts of their body or selfhood in order to form contracts with devils and share their powers.

For devil hunters, this is a controlled process that doesn't look like other, more desperate, and often illegal contracts in Chainsaw Man but it's still an indication of constant sacrifice and loss of individuality.

6. Rendezvous

The ending song featured in Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man is called Cerebral Rendezvous or simply Rendezvous.

It embodies the group's fight with the Eternity Devil, one of the scariest we've seen so far.

Here are some of the song's lyrics:

Forgotten around the world and still have yet to be seen
I felt shallow and hideous
Stolen just before an error
From the flock of thirty-something-year-olds
Then rolling three times on the floor
Only the dog is lonely
How fast can you move forward
Before you lose it
What’s wrong with this place?
What’s wrong with my mind?
I thought I lost it
A cerebral rendezvous
A strong and spoiled rendezvous
Start screaming and laughing while you’re still alive

The lyrics succinctly illustrate the extremely scary situation Aki's team found themselves in while trapped on a hotel floor by the Eternity Devil.

What worked so well in the episode is the vast range of emotions we saw: intense panic, determination, and loss of sanity, but there was also humor as some of the characters attempted to make light of the situation while they still could.

Moreover, the lyrics seem to reference the inherently messed-up lifestyle that devil hunters lead until they die, often prematurely and violently.

7. All Kinds of Kisses

The seventh Chainsaw Man ending song is titled Chu,Tayousei. or All Kinds of Kisses.

This title doesn't surprise us, given that Episode 7's highlight was Himeno and Denji's kiss, which went very, very wrong.

The video clip retains the other endings' vintage quality -- fitting as the series takes place in an alternate world in the 1990s.

Here are some of the lyrics for All Kinds of Kisses:

I love you, I can’t sober up oh, I need you
I can’t let go of my love, I’m afraid I’ve gotten used to it
No problem try to destroy it hold me tight
The taste of trauma strong opposition
Sit down and get high reward
The back of my throat is ticking,
I’m thumping
Let me erase my loneliness with my heartbeat
Love is dictatorship monopolize me
Give me a kiss until I’m addicted...

The lyrics are likely implied to be from Himeno's point of view. In the latest episode, Himeno kisses Denji while drunk, and it goes very wrong.

Later, she takes him home and tries to seduce him, presumably because she feels lonely and struggles with the trauma of having lost so many devil-hunting partners.

However, the lyrics suggest that it is Aki she actually cares about, and she expresses frustration that Aki and Denji both seem infatuated with Makima instead.

8. First Death

The closing song of Chainsaw Man Episode 8 is titled First Death, and fittingly so, given the amount of gore and truly unexpected scenes.

But whose death is the song referring to? Makima was shot presumably to death in Episode 8, while Himeno, who was also injured badly, gave up her body to the Ghost Devil and most likely died in the process.

Himeno's death is the first loss of a major character. While Himeno did some wrong and messed up things, her backstory was pretty heartbreaking.

She watched all her partners die and placed all her hopes on Aki, her latest and more long-lived colleague.

The lyrics seem connected to her when viewed in this light:

I wonder if I’ll show you the permanent complete organ
Saw a completely bloodless daisy chain
The Nobel Show is mine
Give me a kiss that melts away
I’ll dedicate my first death to you
Every buddy, what are you doing there?
Everything will be sucked into the Devil Devil Buddy,
What are you doing there?
Everything will be dyed in EVIL
What are you doing there before eternity?
I love you, until I die
Simple and clear love, death, magma, dream, love, death...

In what was most likely her last moments, Himeno, who was clearly in love with Aki, expressed her will for him to keep on living.

Moved by the way Aki secretly becomes emotional when his friends died, Himeno is happy to die saving him, knowing that someone will mourn her.

9. Deep Down

Chainsaw Man's ninth ending song is titled Deep Down. On its own, the title doesn't explain very much about the song's meaning for the series, but the lyrics might help:

The screams of life cease into darkness
When it melted, the words scattered
Into a deep, deep slumber
Close your eyes with the fingers colored in red
Drowning in blood like a commandment to fear
Engrave the pain like rain falling on the wound
Unaware of where they end up in the wandering herd
Another one went missing I don’t understand but I want to understand.
Tears that are thrown away again without being picked up
It doesn’t rеach
It’s not being heard
The clinging voice and the awakened nonsense
The shadows that dwell in the crevices of lost and forgotten things
How long have you been there, laughing? I feel you deep deep deep deep down

While the lyrics have different meanings for different listeners, they likely allude to Makima's massacre in Episode 9.

The screams and the blood might refer to Makima's victims, as she used human sacrifices to make Katana Man's subordinates combust in an explosion of blood.

At this point, Makima's subordinates (and even most main characters) seem unaware of Makima's cruel powers.

The repetition of "I don't understand" could therefore allude to that.

10. Dogland

The 10th ending song of Chainsaw Man is titled Dogland, and it might have something to do with Denji's feelings in the said episode.

It all starts with Denji seeing Aki in the hospital, witnessing his grief, and realizing that he's unable to do the same, which makes him wonder if he's even human anymore.

The only time he really experienced grief was when Pochita -- whom Denji cared for like a pet dog -- died and merged with him.

Moreover, Makima has, on many occasions, treated Denji like a dog. She expects him to obey blindly in exchange for having his material needs for food and shelter met.

Denji had been happy enough with this arrangement, but after Kishibe's brutal training, he starts to worry that his life might once again dissolve into pure misery if he's going to be beaten almost to death daily.

The lyrics allude to Denji's position in Public Safety as less than human, focusing on the expectation to follow orders.

Moreover, the song alludes to Denji's relationship with Pochita, who is now his heart.

Here are some of the song's lyrics:

Envision emotional labor that’s mostly vague
In the end, each of us must follow orders
It’s conscription without caring about looks
See, it’s a wild curse
Who’s next, which people will it be?
There’s no winning against this mess
I’ll give you my heart
So drown the fluttering in my heart once more
Someday break this unbreakable curse
And I’ll embrace you tight once more

11. Violence

Chainsaw Man Episode 11's ending song is titled Violence. The title is pretty much self-explanatory, given the endless amount of gore and violence we encounter in the anime, which raises Chainsaw Man's age rating quite a bit.

Here are some of the song's lyrics:

Once again, premonitions in my dreams
At the tip of my gaze from my swollen eyes
A scattering rose color that is you
My blood stirs endlessly, forever
We don’t talk enough even beyond the beyond
I want to get burned solely by this feeling, darling
You’re the only one who’s not afraid
We finally meet. Let me have you
Don’t look around
You can keep your eyes open
Keep pouring until tears overflow
Rain of Kiss

This time, the lyrics are a bit more ambiguous so it's hard to associate them with a single character.

However, this is a dynamic ending song that fits Chainsaw Man's vibe really well.

The anime features transgressive scenes, both the erotic kind and the violent kind, and many relationships between characters follow unhealthy patterns as a result.

Moreover, Episode 11 features characters from Public Safety as they fearlessly brace themselves for battle, making this song an excellent prelude to Chainsaw Man's finale.

12. Fight Song

The last Chainsaw Man ending song is titled Fight Song, and it continues the anime's tradition of cool and dynamic closing themes.

The lyrics most likely refer to Denji, his struggles, and the new life that he'll do anything to protect:

The life I’m living and rely on
Drunken with impulses I want to depend on
Even if I wear a disguise if there’s a place where I belong and can be of use
As the night still refuses to end, let’s dream
Even for me, y’know
Let’s make a break for the future
Towards the verge of death like we pray for
Surrender yourself to rage, be calm, one with time
A boy that gave his word
Today, just like back then
As if there’s no more future ahead

Remember that the anime started with an impoverished Denji sharing his dreams with Pochita.

After Pochita's death -- and his own rebirth as Chainsaw Man -- Denji met Makima who offered to make all his dreams come true.


But this doesn't negate the fact that Denji has been forced to be part of a violent world where survival is not certain and all devil hunters live one day at a time, knowing each moment could be their last.

The song also subtly alludes to Denji's traumatic past, which we've only begun to explore, making this the perfect conclusion to Act 1 of the anime.

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs' Artists

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs' Artists Pochita
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Credit: MAPPA

1. The first Chainsaw Man ending song titled Chainsaw Blood is performed by Vaundy, a J-pop singer and songwriter, composer, producer, and designer.

At the age of 22, Vaundy already has a great list of singles, including other recent anime music works such as the second opening theme song of Ranking of Kings:

2. For the second theme song, the artist is ZUTOMAYO, a Japanese rock group that has also performed the theme song of Drifting Home.

3. The third theme song is written, composed, and performed by Maximum the Hormone, a Japanese heavy metal group whose members are known as Daisuke-han, Nao, Maximum the Ryo-kun, and Ue-chan. They have also performed for the anime, Record of Ragnarok.

4. Jouzai is performed by TOOBOE. Not much is available yet about the Japanese group but they do have other songs in their credentials including Akai Yoru, Bokudan, and others.

5. In the Back Room is performed by syudou, a Japanese artist who has been active since 2012. He is a Vocaloid producer who has often worked with the popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku.

For the uninitiated, Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software that's quite popular in Japan.

One of syudou's most popular works is entitled Bitter Choco Decoration:

6. For Rendezvous, the artist is Kanaria, a Vocaloid producer who uses the voice of Hatsune Miku. There seems to be a pattern here, as the previous song's creator was also working with the Vocaloid system.

One of Kanaria's most popular songs is titled KING.

7. All Kinds of Kisses is performed by Ano. The Japanese J-Pop artist's other works have been used in other anime too.

Her first major single, AIDA, is featured as an ending song for Tiger & Bunny Season 2. You can check out the music video here:

8. The eighth Chainsaw Man ending song, First Death, is performed by Toru Kitajima, also known as TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.

The Japanese musician, singer, and songwriter first rose to fame as part of the said band, which is a post-hardcore and indie rock group.

In many of his singles, the artist is still known as TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.

Another prominent work of his is Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul.

9. The ninth ending song of Chainsaw Man, titled Deep Down, is performed by Aimer.

The Japanese singer and lyricist takes her stage name from the French verb "Aimer" which means "to love."

Aimer has released eight studio albums and performed openings and endings for many anime series other than Chainsaw Man, including the dystopian anime No. 6.

10. For Dogland, the song featured as the ending theme of Episode 10, we have PEOPLE 1, a Japanese music group.

One of their most popular songs is Mahou no Uta.

11. The eleventh song, Violence, is performed by the Japanese rock band Queen Bee.

The group of four has released studio albums and they've also worked with other anime like Tokyo Ghoul and Dororo.

12. The twelfth and last Chainsaw Man ending song is performed by Eve (also stylized as E ve), a Japanese singer who mostly works within the J-Pop and Rock genres and was formerly known as Keitora.

This isn't Eve's first collaboration with studio MAPPA as he has also performed songs for other MAPPA anime such as Dororo and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs' Spotify

Chainsaw Man Ending Song Spotify Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

You can listen to the Chainsaw Man ending theme songs legally for free on Spotify.

  1. The first song is currently available under artist Vaundy's name as a single, featuring the song's title, Chainsaw Blood.
  2. For the second song, you can go to the band's new single
  3. As for the third song, you can find it under Maximum the Hormone's artist page listed as a single.
  4. The fourth song is available to stream under TOOBOE's artist page. The song is listed as 錠剤 (or Jouzai).
  5. The fifth song, In the Back Room, is available on syudou's artist page.
  6. Rendezvous, the sixth Chainsaw Man ending song, can be listened to on Kanaria's page on Spotify.
  7. The seventh song, All Kinds of Kisses, is available to stream on Ano's Spotify page.
  8. First Death, the ending song from Episode 8, is available on artist TK's Spotify page.
  9. Meanwhile, Episode 9's Deep Down can be streamed on Aimer's Spotify page.
  10. You can find the ending song of Episode 10, Dogland, on the Spotify page of PEOPLE 1.
  11. The ending theme song of Episode 11, entitled Violence, is available on the Spotify page of Queen Bee.
  12. The final ending song of Chainsaw Man that's featured in the finale is Fight Song, and it is available to stream on Eve's Spotify page.

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs List

Chainsaw Man Ending Songs List Chainsaw Man
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Credit: MAPPA

While it's common for many anime to have two or more opening and ending songs depending on their length, it's not every season that an anime gets 12 different ending songs.

This season, Chainsaw Man aired 12 episodes, which means there are also 12 songs in total!

As the season progressed, we've gotten nearly an album's worth of songs from the Chainsaw Man anime.

So, here are all of the ending theme songs featured in Chainsaw Man:

  1. Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy
  2. Time Left by ZUTOMAYO
  3. Hawatari 2-Oku Centi by Maximum the Hormone
  4. Jouzai by TOOBOE
  5. In the Back Room by syudou
  6. Rendezvous by Kanaria
  7. All Kinds of Kisses by Ano
  8. First Death by TK
  9. Deep Down by Aimer
  10. Dogland by PEOPLE 1
  11. Violence by Queen Bee
  12. Fight Song by Eve

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