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Ahsoka Fans Loathe Show’s ‘Real Villain’ and It’s Not Thrawn

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Grand Admiral Thrawn
Credit: Lucasfilm

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Ahsoka Episode 7, so read at your own risk!

We've long established how big of a threat Grand Admiral Thrawn is and his impending return to the "main" Star Wars galaxy via the Ahsoka series undoubtedly spells trouble for everyone.

However, it seems like fans are giving him a pass just for the time being and have shifted their attention to another character whom they claim is a bigger villain than the Grand Admiral.

Ahsoka: Hamato Xiono Infuriates Fans in Episode 7

Senator Xiono
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Credit: Lucasfilm

During the opening moments of the episode, titled “Dreams and Madness”, Hera Syndulla faced the New Republic council who are investigating her unsanctioned mission on planet Seatos.

While Chancellor Mon Mothma was all ears for what Syndulla had to say, Senator Hamato Xiono accused her of commencing with the said mission unauthorized by the New Republic for personal gain aka to find the missing Ezra Bridger.

Thankfully, a returning C-3PO swooped in to back Hera up, presenting some much-needed data showing a transcript of Leia Organa sanctioning Hera's mission.

Xiono tries his best to reject Threepio's move, even calling him a "mere droid" but to no avail. In the end, Hera was cleared of the accusations and Xiono was left to accept that he was wrong.

Naturally, fans developed ill feelings towards Xiono, who some called the show's actual villain and not Grand Admiral Thrawn. On X, the fandom collectively shared their resentment of the brash Senator, and rightfully so.

Check out some of the reactions here:

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Now, before you kickstart any conspiracy theory against Xiono, it's worth noting that he's actually not a villain. Despite his methods and demeanor which seem a bit suspicious, he's a politician who just doesn't see the Imperial remnants as actual threats to the galaxy and there's nothing more to it.


Ahsoka's seventh episode is now available to stream on Disney+.

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