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Ahsoka: Ezra Bridger Actor Eman Esfandi Breaks Silence on His Episode 6 Debut

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Ezra Bridger finally made his long-awaited return in the sixth episode of Ahsoka with rising actor Eman Esfani portraying him in his live-action debut. A lot of fans celebrated his comeback as it also finally addressed what had happened to him following the finale of Rebels.

While the character only appeared for a brief moment in the recent episode where he reunited with his friend Sabine Wren, he is expected to have a bigger role in the last two episodes which may include another face-off with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Nevertheless, it is exciting to see what's next in store for the character now that he is back into the fold and we're now looking forward to seeing his reunion with his other Ghost Crew pals.

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Eman Esfandi Briefly Addresses His Episode 6 Debut in Ahsoka

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Following the airing of the sixth episode, Esfandi addressed his official debut as the live-action version of Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka on X where he bluntly said that he is "buzzing" from his character's long-awaited appearance and the reactions that it has gotten.

"ngl I’M BUZZIN’ RN," he wrote in his post.

Due to the ongoing actors' strike, Esfandi and his castmates are currently not allowed to do any promotional work for the series including social media posts which is why he can't directly mention the project.

Even with the absence of any references or hashtags to the series, we all knew that he was referring to his debut in the sixth episode since the post is timed on the day of its airing.

As a rising actor who is now part of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood and playing a fan-favorite character, there's no doubt that it is exciting for Esfandi to get involved in this project and it's an added bonus that his appearance received enthusiastic responses from fans.

Now that he is appearing full-time in the series, it is interesting to see how he'll play the character in the next two episodes and, hopefully, we will be able to witness an awesome lightsaber battle with him and, most importantly, share scenes with the other cast members.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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