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Ahsoka: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Shares Surprising Fact About Hera Syndulla Transformation

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's performance as Hera Syndulla in Ahsoka has been well-received by fans as they felt that the actress was able to channel the character's gutsy personality that she's been beloved for back in Rebels.

The actress' make-up transformation into the Twi'lek character has also been praised as they were able to successfully translate her into live-action form and it was not easy for the artists to do given the intricacies of shooting a live-action TV series for more than 12 hours.

If we can take an easy guess, the process of turning Winstead into Hera on a day-to-day basis while filming the series was a challenging one for the actress since there's a lot of makeup involved due to how green-skinned she is.

However, as it turns out, the transformation wasn't as difficult as it looked like after all.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Reveals Her Transformation Process to Become Hera Syndulla

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Credit: Lucasfilm

In an interview with Dagobah Dispatch podcast (via The Direct), Winstead opened up about the makeup transformation that she underwent to transform into Hera in Ahsoka where she revealed that the process surprisingly only took "about an hour" unlike most cases.

"Yeah I sort of just for the sake of a story, I’d love for it to be really complicated and say it was an eight-hour process, but thankfully it wasn’t," she said.

"They got it down to about an hour which is a pretty normal time to be sitting in the makeup chair for any project. So I was so grateful for that, I think everyone came into it wanting it to look right but also not be too torturous a process for me."

Winstead added, "So the first few days that I came to set I thought that it was a bit longer. I think that our first test day was about three hours, but they worked on it and worked on it and streamlined it to the point that I came in, I got painted green, I got my headtails on, and I was Hera, and I was ready to go."

This is a surprising fact to hear about Winstead's makeup process since we've heard stories from other actors who are in similar situations that they would usually take around three to four hours on the makeup chair, especially if their skin supposedly has a different color.

It looks like the makeup team of the series was able to find a way to make it easier for Winstead which is obviously favorable for her and their great work added to the actress' already impressive work in the series as the character.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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