Ahsoka: Why Is Ezra Bridger So Important?

Ahsoka: Why Is Ezra Bridger So Important
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Ahsoka: Why Is Ezra Bridger So Important
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Those who watched Ahsoka without much experience with Star Wars: Rebels might have questions about the missing Ezra Bridger. Why is Ezra important in Ahsoka?

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Who Is Ezra Bridger?

Who Is Ezra Bridger
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Spoilers about Star Wars Rebels below:

For the uninitiated, Ezra Bridger is the protagonist of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. He was born on Empire Day -- the day that marks the end of the Clone Wars and the Republic, and he's Force-sensitive.

Until the age of 14, Ezra received no Jedi training. This changed when he met the crew of the rebel ship Ghost and joined them.

Soon, he started studying under Kanan Jarrus, a member of the crew and one of the few Jedi to have survived Order 66.

Ezra is by no means the strongest Jedi but he's deeply connected to the Force.

Seeing him learn is very interesting, as his powers manifest through an aptitude for communicating with animals.

In Rebels' ending, Ezra uses this power to make a herd of Purrgil take Grand Admiral Thrawn into an unknown unreachable location, even if it means that Ezra himself will also be taken away from all that he cares about.

Why Is Ezra Important in Ahsoka?

Why Is Ezra Important in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Since Ezra's sacrifice, Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren have tried to locate him and bring him home. This search informs their quest in Ahsoka. Moreover, since Ezra saved Ahsoka's life in Rebels she likely wants to do the same.

Rebels Season 2 ends with Ahsoka presumably dying at Darth Vader's hand.

But two seasons later, Ezra unlocks a Jedi temple, accesses the World Beyond Worlds, a plane that defies space and time, and pulls Ahsoka from that battle.

For reasons unknown, Ahsoka doesn't formally rejoin the rebellion after Ezra saves her.

When she returns, it is to look for him, along with Sabine, now her apprentice. But this isn't just about helping a friend.

Ahsoka also needs to prevent Thrawn's return. Besides, it's implied that Ezra still has an important role to play.

He and Ahsoka share a connection since he saved her from her former master which allowed her to pursue her real path.

But to find out what that path is, exactly, and how it's connected to Ezra, we need to watch more of Ahsoka.

Where Is Ezra? Has He Turned to the Dark Side?

Has Ezra Fallen to the Dark Side
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Credit: Disney/ Lucafilm

Ahsoka's premiere strongly implies that Ezra and Thrawn are in another Galaxy. This changes everything, as no other Star Wars has even implied that going to another Galaxy was even possible.

If traveling to and from Galaxies is indeed an option, then we have even more questions about Ezra's whereabouts.

It's been years since his disappearance and we don't imagine he spent a decade trying to prevent Thrawn's return.

Moreover, some fans are coming up with wild theories.

Rebels showed us that, like many Jedi, Ezra was tempted by the dark side.

He largely overcame his compulsions throughout the show, but no one knows what happened during those long, lonely years.

Some fans are thinking that if Sabine and Ahsoka embarked on a simple rescue mission, that would be a bit boring and predictable.

Instead, saving Ezra from the dark side might be a compelling quest that would feel especially personal to Ahsoka since she failed to save Anakin.

Of course, there's no proof to support that Ezra has turned to the dark side, so we have to wait and watch more Ahsoka episodes to find out what became of the beloved character.

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