Zack Snyder Returns to Movies With Netflix's Army of the Dead

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Even though Justice League claims that Zack Snyder was the film's sole director, we all know that the last thing he directed was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Once that factoid is brought up, it's really shocking to know that Snyder hasn't directed anything in a while, though I suppose that the parts of Justice League he did direct count. His stepping away from the spotlight was understandable, especially after the tragedy that affected his family.

Well, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now know that Snyder is coming back and is going back to his roots somewhat by directing a new zombie movie called Army of the Dead, which will air on Netflix. The film was supposed to be a Warner Bros. project but it was soon bought out by the gigantic streaming service.

Those that enjoyed Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake will be happy to see the director tackle horror again. Granted, that remake wasn't perfect but it was a fine enough film and is actually one of Snyder's stronger movies when compared to his recent work. Also, his Watchmen was underrated but let's not talk about that.

Snyder claims that the chains are off, so we'll get to see the director unleashed without much corporate interference. That's probably what kept some of his DC movies from being good, though no argument on Earth could ever convince me that Batman V Superman is "too smart" for audiences.

No release date for Army of the Dead has been announced.

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