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YOASOBI's Idol Is the Most-Played Song of 2023 on Spotify Japan

YOASOBI Idol Spotify 2023 Ai Hoshino

YOASOBI had an incredible year with two huge anime songs under their belt. If there was any doubt, the new Spotify Wrapped results should erase all of them. That’s because the song Idol by YOASOBI was the most-played song on Spotify in Japan in 2023.

This isn’t surprising given how much the song dominated the charts, not to mention that its official music video became the group’s most-watched video on YouTube.

Oshi no Ko Opening Becomes Japan’s Most-Played Song on Spotify in 2023

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Even before this year, YOASOBI was already one of Japan’s most popular music acts. The duo became hugely popular in 2020, and since then, they’ve created many songs for popular anime.

Last year, YOASOBI performed the opening theme of Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 1. Before that, they also made the OP of Beastars Season 2.

These songs became popular, but it’s fair to say that their Oshi no Ko opening song became their biggest hit.

Upon the anime’s premiere, the song Idol took over the anime world as pretty much everyone started listening to it.

It seems that the hype for the song hasn’t died down yet. That’s because the Spotify Wrapped 2023 results revealed that Idol by YOASOBI is the most-played song in Japan this year.

The song’s popularity isn’t just because of the anime. Aside from being the perfect opening in terms of its sound and lyrics, the song is also incredibly catchy on its own.

The group’s success isn’t limited to Japan. YOASOBI was also huge in 2023 as it became the top Japanese music act internationally.

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YOASOBI Is Also the Top Japanese Act on Spotify Internationally

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According to the Wrapped 2023 data, the Oshi no Ko opening was the second most-played song by a Japanese artist internationally. It was only beaten by Shinunoga E-Wa by Fujii Kaze.

Even though the song didn’t get the top spot internationally, YOASOBI is still the biggest Japanese music act worldwide.

For 2023, YOASOBI is the most-played Japanese artist outside of Japan, a record that it has held for three years.

Idol may be YOASOBI’s biggest hit this year, but the duo also performed the Frieren opening theme titled The Brave. Just recently, the act also released a song in collaboration with Pokemon.

With their success, chances are that we’ll get even more songs from the duo in 2024 and beyond.

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