X-Men '97 Showrunner Explains the Decision Behind Episode 5's Shocking Ending

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

Following the airing of episode 5, former X-Men '97 showrunner Beau DeMayo addressed the shocking ending in a series of social media posts.

The recently-aired episode 5 of the series concluded with the fall of Genosha and the shocking deaths of Gambit, Magneto, Callisto, and potentially more characters who seemingly perished in the Sentinels' attack.

The shocking deaths and twists that happened in the episode have caused various reactions among fans online and the showrunner who worked on the first season has now weighed in.

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Beau DeMayo Addresses the Shocking Ending of X-Men '97 Episode 5

X-Men '97
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Credit: Marvel Animation

In his post on X, DeMayo addressed his decision behind the emotional and shocking ending of X-Men '97 episode 5.

He explained that he intended the series to be a parallel of what has happened to the world since the original aired in the '90s and how 9/11 reminded us that the world is "unsafe."

"My plan was the first half of the season is the OG audiences pre-9/11 days, rife with nostalgia and comfort. Then 9/11 — like Tulsa and other mass tragedies — turned the world upside down and reminded us the whole world unsafe…" he wrote in his post.

In another post, DeMayo shared a lengthy statement where he fully explained his plans for the series, how episode 5 was the centerpiece of his pitch to Marvel Studios, and pulled his personal experience when he wrote the first season.

He said that the series intends to explore the "danger of living in the past and clinging to nostalgia" and how it leaves us "stagnant" and "unaware of a future we didn't anticipate."

You can check it below:

This was the first time that DeMayo opened up about the series since he was fired by Marvel Studios last month.

Considering that the episode featured a very shocking moment, it was a perfect time for him to discuss the series again and interact with fans who were still reeling about what just happened.

It is curious to see now what will happen in the next few episodes and see the rest of the characters deal with the aftermath of the horrific event.

New episodes of X-Men '97 premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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