X-Men '97 Fans Celebrate as Show’s Maturity Rating Revealed

Gambit in X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

Gambit in X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

A lot of Marvel fans are delighted over the recent news that X-Men '97 will have a more mature parental rating compared to the original '90s show.

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated animated series was released last week to the excitement of many fans. The trailer confirmed that the series will continue where the original left off but with updated animation and character designs.

The majority of the original cast is also set to return in the new series to either reprise their respective roles or voice a new character.

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Disney+ Reveals X-Men '97 Will Have TV-14 Rating

X-Men '97
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Credit: Marvel Animation

The Disney+ page of X-Men '97 revealed that the new Marvel Animation series will have a TV-14 rating, which is an upgrade from the original show.

TV programs that are rated TV-14 are described as shows with "some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age" due to intense violence, intense sexual situations, strong coarse language, or intensely suggestive dialogue.

The original X-Men: The Animated Series notably had a TV-Y7 as they were presented as a Fox Saturday morning cartoon that is targeted at children.

Now that X-Men '97 is a streaming program, it gives them more opportunity to have a more mature tone compared to the original show and they don't need to be beholden to the Saturday morning cartoon formula.

Following the reveal of the show's parental rating, fans expressed their relief on social media and celebrated its designation as a TV-14 program.

We won't be able to find out the exact context of the show's TV-14 rating until we see it, but this is certainly a promising sign of what we could expect.

The new series will also likely push the boundaries of the original with the freedom that they have from a TV-14 rating as they don't need to consider the children's demographic as their main target audience.

X-Men '97 is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 20.

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