X-Men '97 Casts The White Lotus Star Theo James in Mystery Role

Theo James in The White Lotus
Credit: HBO

Theo James in The White Lotus
Credit: HBO

Yesterday, we finally got our first trailer for the highly-anticipated series X-Men '97, the long-awaited revival of X-Men: The Animated Series from the '90s. It gave a strong nostalgic feel and excitement to fans who have been looking forward to seeing its continuation.

As shown by the preview, it will directly pick up from the events of the final episode of the original series and retain the 2D-style look with an updated animation.

We also know that the majority of the surviving cast members from the original series are set to return to either reprise their respective roles or voice new characters.

As it turns out, the series has also recruited a well-known actor to join its jam-packed voice cast.

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Theo James Joins the Cast of X-Men '97

X-Men '97
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Credit: Marvel Animation

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that The White Lotus and Divergent star Theo James has joined the voice cast of X-Men '97.

It is unknown yet which character will the Emmy-nominated actor voice in the series, but it is described as a "fan-favorite."

"It is a fan-favorite character, I think, and it will surprise people," showrunner Beau DeMayo teased to EW.

This is an interesting casting choice since James is a well-known actor and the most recognizable name among the entire voice cast ensemble, but he is definitely a welcome addition.

It is curious to see whether he will voice a well-known mutant that hasn't been introduced yet in the animated series canon or a beloved non-X-Men Marvel character that will join the team's adventure for one episode.

As we've seen in the original animated series, they occasionally have a beloved Marvel hero outside the X-Men realm guest star in an episode for a one-off adventure with a member of the team.

That could be the case for James and it helps that the series is now produced by Marvel Studios which gives the showrunner endless opportunities to use any character in the Marvel library that they might want to include in the series.

For now, let's wait and see what they have in store for the new series and we will be able to find out soon enough which character is James voicing.

X-Men '97 is set to premiere on Disney+ this March 20.

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