Wonka Star Hugh Grant Gets Brutally Honest About Playing Oompa Loompa

Hugh Grant in Wonka
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hugh Grant in Wonka
Credit: Warner Bros.

There is a lot of anticipation right now for the newly-released film Wonka, the prequel to the classic Roald Dahl novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which tells the origins of the titular chocolatier played by Timothee Chalamet.

So far, the responses to the film from the critics have been mostly positive with praises toward its visuals, Chalamet's performance, and musical numbers. Hugh Grant's hilarious portrayal of an Oompa Loompa was also considered one of the highlights.

It's not surprising that Grant's performance stood out as his appearances in the trailers of the film were also lauded when they were released due to the unusual nature of his casting and the quick funny moments that they showed.

However, as it turns out, the actor didn't have a pleasant experience playing the role at all.

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Hugh Grant Reveals He Loathed Playing Oompa Loompa in Wonka

Hugh Grant as Oompa Loompa in Wonka
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Credit: Warner Bros.

In a recent press conference for the film (via Metro), Grant opened up about the unpleasant experience that he had playing an Oompa Loompa in Wonka.

The Golden Globe-winning actor shared that he was uncomfortable with the motion capture process since there were multiple cameras and accessories around him.

"It was like a crown of thorns, very uncomfortable. I made a big fuss about it. I couldn’t have hated the whole thing more," he said.

Grant was also unsure whether he was supposed to "act with my body or not, and I never received a satisfactory answer."

When asked if it was all worth it when he saw the finished product, the actor shrugged and said, "Not really."

However, in the end, the actor clarified that he was taking a shot at doing movies in general as he jokingly admitted, "I slightly hate [making films] but I have lots of children and need money."

It is surprising to hear the actor's comments, especially as they're still promoting the film where you don't usually hear the people involved say something negative about their project that is about to release.

In the end, it won't hurt the film or the actor in general since there is some understanding that Grant was just being sarcastic and what matters the most in the end is the reception which has been mostly enthusiastic so far. In the audience's eyes, the actor's tedious process was all worth it.

Wonka is set to release in North American theaters this December 15.

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