Wit Studio Wants to Make More DC Anime After Suicide Squad Isekai

Wit Studio DC Anime Suicide Squad Isekai Harley Quinn

Wit Studio DC Anime Suicide Squad Isekai Harley Quinn

After surprising everyone with its Suicide Squad anime, it turns out that this might not be a one-off, as Wit Studio is keen on making more DC anime in the future.

At Anime Expo 2023, Wit Studio President George Wada said that the studio is hoping to create more shows in the DC universe. Of course, that will depend on the Suicide Squad anime’s success.

While the Suicide Squad is no doubt one of DC’s most popular groups, it will be interesting to see if the upcoming anime’s take on the supervillain group will be a big hit.

Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Gets Surprise Anime Expo Reveal

suicide squad isekai harley quinn
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Wit Studio and Warner Bros. Japan announced the Suicide Squad Isekai anime earlier this week at Anime Expo.

While many anime shows are revealed only with a teaser, this new show got a proper trailer along with a key visual.

Specifically, the visual and the trailer revealed that Harley Quinn will be the main star of the anime. Though she will be joined by the Joker as well as Amanda Waller.

As the title implies, this upcoming DC anime is an isekai. Based on the trailer, it seems that Harley Quinn will find herself transported into a fantasy world, much like other popular isekai anime.

A DC anime is something that most fans didn’t expect, much less an isekai series.

Given this, it’ll be interesting to see if the anime will be well-received among both isekai and DC fans.

Though fans are encouraged by Wit Studio to support the upcoming series if more DC anime are to be made.

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Wit President Says Studio Wants to Make More DC Anime

At an Anime Expo panel, Wit Studio President George Wada asked people to watch and support the upcoming Suicide Squad anime so that the studio can make more DC anime.

While this is not an official confirmation that more DC anime are in the pipeline, it is proof that the studio wants to do more projects in the franchise.

This is certainly an interesting development for Wit Studio. After all, based on the studio’s big hits like Spy x Family and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, most fans expected their next work to be based on another manga.

For now, fans will have to hope that Suicide Squad Isekai will be successful so that more DC anime are made in the future.

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