Will Pixar's Lightyear Release in Theaters? Tension is Rising Where the Film Will Be Released.

Chris Evans gets to play a new hero as Buzz Lightyear in his titular movie under Pixar and tensions is rising whether the film would get a theater release or will it be just another film coming out on Disney Plus following the likes of Turning Red and Soul after those films didn’t make it to cinemas, many skeptical whether this film would suffer the same fate.

Will Pixar's Lightyear Release in Theaters?

Will Pixar's Lightyear Release in Theaters?
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Will Pixar's Lightyear Release in Theaters?

To the delight of many, the announcement of Lightyear having its own movie is already a feat for the beloved character who is known for his words “to infinity and beyond.” Much to the excitement of fans, Chis Evans has been cast to voice Buzz Lightyear who has been popular as one of the main characters in Toy Story alongside Woody.

However, this time, Buzz Lightyear wouldn’t be a toy. Lightyear will be focusing on Buzz’s origin story, the hero behind the Space Ranger. Casting Chris Evans, known for being Captain America for years, it is the perfect fit as he would play another beloved hero. However, things are stirring up some tension whether the film would follow the footsteps of the previous releases of Pixar.

Recent Pixar films didn’t make it to the theaters such as Soul, Luca, and Turning Red. Soul gave a shock when it wouldn’t be up on cinemas and two years since the pandemic, the trend remains on Pixar films being released only on Disney Plus. Lightyear has such a big potential to be a blockbuster and yet, to date, there has been no confirmation where it would be released.

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Giving the benefit of the doubt, the first two years of the pandemic was not, at all, good for theaters. Many films were forced to retreat to either release on streaming platforms or delay the release until health restrictions and protocols loosen up. Disney had the strategy to release films under its streaming service, Disney Plus but such did not benefit the films that Pixar released.

This is not spelling out good on Pixar either. Its films have been released on Disney Plus exclusively and even when the theaters are crawling out of the shadows and trying to be back to normal, it is still not the same for Pixar films.

Lightyear will be released on June 17, 2022. It is yet unknown whether the film would be out in theaters or on Disney Plus exclusively.

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