Will Diablo be in Diablo 4? Everything We Know

Credit: Blizzard

Credit: Blizzard

While the game should feature the main character of its namesake, it should be a given that Diablo would appear in Diablo 4. With Lilith returning as the main antagonist, the question of will Diablo appear lingers as he is one of the biggest bad of the game.

A little backtrack, Diablo is one of the three Prime Evils and is names the Lord of Terror. Spawned from one of the seven heads of the OG Prime Evil, Tathamet, Diablo is the most powerful amongst demon lords in the Burning Hells.

Diablo reigns over the Realm of Terror and is the big bad of the Burning Hells where players of Diablo 3 would get ported to for the Act 4 fight versus Diablo himself.

Carrying the namesake of the game, Diablo was introduced from the first installment of the game when he was released by Archbishop Lazarus when he unearthed a soulstone hidden in the Tristram Cathedral.

Diablo attempted to possess Leoric but fails so instead, he went after Albrecht, Leoric's younger son, as his vessel.

Aidan, the older brother of Albrecht, claimed victory upon defeating Diablo by removing the soulstone's fragment on the forehead but it later revealed the dead body of Albrecht. Aidan took possession of the gem in his attempt to take over the Lord of Terror.

In Diablo 2, Aidan heads to the ease guise as the Dark Wanderer where a fight ensues within the Chaos Sanctuary and led to the destruction of the soulstone. With this, Diablo was returned to the Black Abyss or the Void leaving his demonic essence in the Sanctuary.

After two decades, Adria, Diablo's servant, went around the Sanctuary collecting the demonic essence of the Great Evils slain in the place. The players get to aid Adria in obtaining the Black Soulstone as it is the key to defeat the remaining Lords of Hell, Azmodan and Belial.

Adria stabbed Leah with the Black Soulstone only to give Diablo a re-birth as the Prime Evil possessing the powers of the seven Lords of Hell. The players go on the quest to defeat Diablo in the Silver Spire of the High Heavens.

In the journey of Diablo throughout the game, he always manages to be back and wreak havoc. Following Diablo's defeat in Diablo 3, where is Diablo now? Could he be back in the Sanctuary, in the Burning Hells, or in the Black Abyss?

Scattered in the game are portals to the Burning Hells wherein Diablo could potentially pass through. Will Diablo appear in Diablo 4? In a photo released by Blizzard in their blog, it was seen that Lilith is carrying a skull with horns that are similar to that of Diablo's.

Given that Lilith will be the main antagonist of Diablo 4, is Lilith there to help the players slay Diablo, or would Lilith be having her own agenda and take reign over the Realm of Terror?

It is one hell of a game. With the announcement that Diablo 4 is returning, possibilities are endless and Blizzard will surely make the game more interesting as it is under the works. There is no release date yet for Diablo 4 but everyone is hopeful that it will grace our screens soon.

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