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Wednesday Creators Explain Why They Focused On The Addams Family Daughter

The Addams Family story is traditionally about overseeing the aristocratic family as a whole. However, upon its most recent TV show adaptation, instead of bearing the usual title, show creators Al Gough and Miles Millar decided to take a different spin this time.

Recently speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners reflected on their nostalgia of growing up with The Addams Family franchise. According to Gough and Millar, watching Wednesday Addams being commonly used to deliver the funny lines in the film, how would the Addams Family daughter react when she’s out of her comfort zone? Check out their full story below:

“[Wednesday] was a character that we all really loved, and nobody had spent a lot of time with. And it’s a character we’d only seen really as a 10-, 11-, 12-year-old, who is a part of a family and would have a funny line in the scene, but we didn’t know much about her. Her sort of fearlessness and her ability to always be herself with something, that was interesting, and we thought, “Well, what if she was a teenage girl? And then what if you took her out of the family and put her in a boarding school, which is ostensibly a new family? How would she react?”

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Previously, the showrunners had also shared they didn’t initially think that Tim Burton would ever agree to direct the series. However, Burton himself had also shared a similar sentiment to seeing the character work things through as a teenager. In fact, it’s exactly the reason he joined the crew, his interest in bringing out the teenage Wednesday Addams, “I wanted to see what she would look like in school, and how she would react to her family, and other people, and therapy. Wednesday goes to a school of outcasts, but she’s an outcast among outcasts. This project really spoke to me.”

You can watch all episodes of Wednesday Season 1 currently streaming on Netflix.

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