Who Was the Better Quicksilver: Aaron Taylor-Johnson vs. Evan Peters?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Pietro in the MCU
Credit: Marvel Studios

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Pietro in the MCU
Credit: Marvel Studios

Many fans had been confused about Marvel’s decision of replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro Maximoff with Evan Peters in WandaVision.

Although it was meant to play off as a part of the whole sitcom ruse, it was an effective ploy to make the Multiverse more prominent between the MCU and X-Men.

Now, of course, replacing actors is one way to spark competition between the two performances, especially since Evan Peters practically played off why he was ‘recast.’

As for those wondering, who was the better Pietro or Quicksilver? Well, this article’s got you covered!

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Why Did Pietro Maximoff Get Recast in the MCU?

Pietro Maximoff just wants to help
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Considering that all MCU films and series are connected to the Multiverse and the billion-dollar franchise’s timeline as a whole, WandaVision’s recast of Pietro plays an important role in Marvel’s future.

Even though this is not the first time that Marvel recast an actor for a particular role, taking Evan Peters in for Quicksilver does wonders for the Multiverse the MCU is building.

But before we dive into that, here’s why Aaron Taylor-Johnson got recast in WandaVision.

If you can recall, the Kick-Ass star was the original Pietro introduced in the MCU, specifically in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, he was killed in the middle of a battle against Ultron and his army.

Now, as for the ‘Pietro’ return in WandaVision, many fans were quite shocked once they realized the MCU didn’t call the original actor for his role.

Taylor-Johnson initially set to do more than Age of Ultron, however, he wasn’t really as excited about doing the superhero project for long.

He even turned down an offer when he was asked to come on board for Deadpool 2, so that’s a bust in seeing him return in the MCU.

As for why the WandaVision creators chose Evan Peters, the show creator Jac Schaeffer explained it was to emphasize the ‘meta layer for the audience’ and to show how grief affected Wanda, both of which pretty much sums up what this article’s delving deeper into.

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Which ‘Pietro’ Did It Better: the MCU’s vs. X-Men’s Quicksilver?

Quicksilver saves everyone from the explosion
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Credit: 20th Century Studios

There is no doubt that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver outshines Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s in the MCU.

Apart from getting to see the X-Men star’s mutant hero more in action compared to the MCU’s, this Peter Maximoff has indeed shown great speed but also high intelligence when it comes to making the right decision.

We all know what exact scene we’re talking about here.

When compared to Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro, though, his Quicksilver was a tad bit unpolished.

His Pietro helped Wanda with HYDRA's terrorist attacks as a part of their revenge against Tony Stark.

But you've gotta admit, we didn't get to see more of Quicksilver's other powers during Taylor-Johnson's time.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the script plays a huge part in this, too.

When Evan Peters debuted as Quicksilver in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, in just a couple of minutes, he was able to establish who he is as a character and how he acts as a hero.

Peters’ Quicksilver was even able to portray powers beyond the power of speed, similar to how The Flash was, that the speed of his vibration let him break through walls and manipulate how the turnout of his battles will come based on his strategy in mid-fight scenes.

Well, now that that’s been settled, here’s another reason why Evan Peter’s Quicksilver makes sense in being the ‘better’ Pietro.

The ‘Better’ Pietro That Connects the X-Men to the Multiverse

A different Pietro comes to Westview
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Evan Peters’ Peter Maximoff or 'Pietro' takes yet another trophy for the win here.

Even when his character was meant as some sort of comedic relief for both the nature of WandaVision as a sitcom and for the MCU fans who know him as Quicksilver in X-Men, Peters’ appearance in the MCU is meant for a greater purpose in the future of the Multiverse.

Deadpool 3 will kickstart the merging of X-Men into the MCU timeline, and it will be thanks to Evan Peters’ little Quicksilver surprise cameo in Wanda’s show.

Don’t worry about Aaron Taylor-Johnson, though. He’s bound to make his MCU return, but not in the way you think.

See, he’ll be debuting as Sony’s Kraven the Hunter pretty soon to make his solo debut film. As for when that release happens, well, you can check out our complete guide on Kraven the Hunter’s theatrical release date.

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