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Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Says She Could Never Take Scream Seriously

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega stars as Tara Carpenter in both Scream 5 (2022) and Scream 6 (2023), and though both projects contain similar horror themes, the actress couldn’t take the Scream franchise seriously. Previously, Ortega shared that one of the earliest horror films she watched caused nightmares until she turned a teenager. However, as time went by, the actress admits finding solace in horror films, calling it “therapeutic.”

Recently speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, while the Golden Globe nominee was promoting the released trailer for the next entry in the Scream saga, she shares her fondness for horror films. Check out her full comment below:

“I love horror films. I don’t know what it is about having blood thrown on your face and running around screaming bloody murder.” As if she couldn’t be more similar to her Wednesday Addams role, she describes the thrill of horror as, “[It really is] so therapeutic, so much fun.”

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Ortega even shared how she and her cast members couldn’t stop laughing whenever they had to shoot a scene. In this case, some scenes would have to hide her face, not because of “a good angle” but because she admittedly couldn’t stop laughing.

“The cast and crew, they’re my family and we can never take anything seriously. So, Ghostface could literally be in their monologue, and we’re having to restart because we’re all laughing so hard. It’s a mess… In the fifth [Scream film], I was like, army crawling in the hospital and I would just, I would hide my face because I was laughing into my hands.”

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Interestingly, Jenna Ortega is right about horror films being therapeutic. After all, as an audience, you get the rush and thrill of watching the protagonists run from their worst nightmare, all the while you’re sitting back, watching it all happen. Meanwhile, we can expect to see Jenna Ortega back as Tara Carpenter in Scream 6 coming on March 10, 2023.

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