Did Sister Wives' Garrison Brown Join the Army? Reality TV Figure's Career Explored

was garrison brown in the army
Credit: Figure 8 Films | Puddle Monkey Productions | TLC

was garrison brown in the army
Credit: Figure 8 Films | Puddle Monkey Productions | TLC

Was Sister Wives star Garrison Brown in the army? The son of Janelle and Kody Brown on the long-running TLC reality TV show, Sister Wives, died at 25 recently.

As the family is currently taking the time and space to arrange their personal matters offline, fans can't help but ask whether Garrison followed his dreams to join the army. Here's what we know.

Who Was Garrison Brown? You May Know Him From Sister Wives

Garrison Brown is best known for the reality TV show about his father's polygamous lifestyle in Utah called Sister Wives, which has aired on TLC since 2010. He happens to be Kody's eighth child and Janelle's fourth.

On the sideline, he also appeared in smaller roles in the short film A Woman and an Envelope and on Sylvester Stallone's TV series, Tulsa King.

Another resurfaced part of his career is that he was always speculated to join the army.

Back in 2018, Garrison's father told on Sister Wives, "I think Garrison likes the military."

In the episode, Garrison was coming home after his work for the National Guard. While waiting for his arrival, his family couldn't help but reminisce how much he always dreamt of joining the army.

"After he goes to college, I'm pretty sure he's going to try and Commission into the U.S. Army," His father added. But did he actually join the U.S. army as they predicted?

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Did Garrison Brown Join the Army?

Garrison has indeed shown interest in joining the armed services.

Although it was clear that this was what he always wanted to do in life, he enlisted in the Nevada National Guard while still in college.

This is the extent of what we know about his military milestone, as nothing else has been reported after joining the National Guard, which was explored in Sister Wives season 11.

What Happened to Garrison Brown in Real Life?

The news of Garrison's death came as a shock to fans as they read the Instagram post written on his official account.

According to PEOPLE, Lieutenant Charles M. Hernandez II of the Flagstaff Police Department confirmed that there was a "report of a death inside a home" in Flagstaff, Arizona on Tuesday, March 5.

Lt. Hernandez added, "At this time, there is not any indication of foul play, and Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division are investigating."

Garrison Brown's last post before his death was introducing his newest family member into his home, a 9-year-old cat he saved named Ms. Buttons.

Meanwhile, his parents have shared their sentiments on their Instagram accounts in regards to his death:

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