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Tim Burton Refuses to Direct a Marvel Film for Disney

It's no secret that Marvel Studios wants the best directors to work on its projects. However, the studio will have to remove Tim Burton's name from its list of possible directors. The veteran filmmaker has just pointed out that he refuses to work on a Marvel Cinematic Universe project for Disney, and Burton gave an interesting explanation for his decision.

Tim Burton recently spoke to Deadline where he spoke about his long history with Disney, having started out as an animator for the studio. Despite all this, the Beetlejuice director has no interest in helming a Marvel film for Disney.

“It’s gotten to be very homogenized, very consolidated. There’s less room for different types of things,” Burton said. He then added that he would never do a Marvel movie stating that “I can only deal with one universe, l can’t deal with a multi-universe.”

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This isn't an exclusively Marvel thing for Tim Burton. The filmmaker stated that he has no interest in working with Disney after his experience on 2019's Dumbo.

“My history is that I started out there. I was hired and fired like several times throughout my career there. The thing about Dumbo, is that’s why I think my days with Disney are done, I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this horrible big circus and I needed to escape. That movie is quite autobiographical at a certain level,” Burton said.

It's an interesting opinion considering that some people are still hoping for a sequel to Dumbo or Tim Burton directing one of Marvel's more eccentric projects. Although it's unlikely that we'll see another Disney project from Burton, he does have more to offer in the future.

Tim Burton is currently developing a sequel to Beetlejuice. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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