The Witcher Showrunner Teases Geralt and Ciri's Relationship in Season 2

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Credit: Netflix

The Witcher fans were left hanging with the final episode of the show's first season showing Geralt and Ciri finally crossing paths. Throughout the season, the viewers have been teased with the story of how the two characters would finally meet. It is very likely that fans would now get to see the adventures they'll embark on in season 2, but for now, the showrunner gives a little glimpse of what's to come.


In a recent interview with Redanian Intelligence, Lauren Hissrich was asked about exploring the characters' relationship in the upcoming season. "As expected from the saga, Ciri really takes center stage in season two," she said. "The whole world is after her, and she has to find safety and respite with Geralt (and eventually, Yennefer)."

However, Hissrich pointed out that the two are basically strangers, which presents a problem with Ciri not seeing a reason to automatically trust Geralt. She also revealed that Ciri wouldn't be fond of the Witcher making big decisions in her life. "For his part, Geralt dutifully wants to protect Ciri," Hissrich added. However, he doesn't know a thing or two about being a father, and that he would have a hard time balancing his work and responsibilities.

"There's some comedy in how these two come together and eventually bond," she teased. "But that belies a deeper reflection on what means to become a family."

Hissrich also mentioned in a previous interview that she built the suspense of Ciri's mysterious abilities instead of making it a surprise, which is likely a big part of her story in the second season. In addition, Hissrich also revealed that they'd explore more of Jaskier's serious side.


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The Witcher Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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