The Ending of Pixar's Elemental Explained

Ember surprised
Credit: Pixar

Ember surprised
Credit: Pixar

In Pixar’s film Elemental, fire element Ember Lumen has lived by the rule that elements don’t mix. But things change when she meets water element Wade Ripple. So, what happened in the ending of Pixar’s Elemental?

From the trailer, we know that Ember has never left Fire Town because “elements don’t mix” and her dad would boil Wade alive. However, she decides to step out of her comfort zone and explore the world outside of Fire Town.

So, what happened in the ending of Elemental? This article explains the ending of Pixar’s Elemental.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Elemental. Read at your own risk!

Pixar’s Elemental: Ember and Wade’s Romance Explained

Wade and Ember walking
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Credit: Pixar

Fire element Ember has never left Fire Town because she believes that “elements don’t mix.” But things change when she meets water element Wade.

Ember is set to take over her father’s shop after he retires. But the problem is, she has temper issues, which makes it difficult for her to deal with customers.

One day, her father Bernie leaves the shop to her, but she couldn’t handle the customers well. Ember decides to hide in the basement to deal with her temper, but her rage causes the water pipes to break.

And this is where she meets Wade, a health inspector from the City Hall. Wade intends to report the incident to his boss, Gale, but Ember tries to convince him not to because it would result in the shop closing for good.

Ember behind a fence and Wade smiling
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Credit: Pixar

Later on, Ember and Wade go to the Cyclone Stadium to meet with Gale. During the game, Ember notices how Wade is good with people, as opposed to her.

Gale tells them that if they could fix a hole in a dam at Fire Town and fix the leak, then she would not shut down the shop. She then calls them a “cute couple”.

Ember and Wade start hanging out, and Wade takes her to places where Ember has never been to before.

Ember’s father notices the changes in her. He says that she became happier and can now manage customers.

Ember meeting Wade's family
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Credit: Pixar

Later on, Ember meets Wade’s family, and Wade’s mother tells her that Wade is smitten and hasn’t stopped talking about her ever since they met.

Before Ember leaves, Wade tells her that the light inside her makes him feel alive and that all he wants is to be near her.

When they head back to Fire Town, they manage to fix the hole in the dam through Ember’s glassmaking skills. Gale decides not to close the shop and allows Ember to go underwater to see her favorite flower Vivisteria.

When Ember’s bubble is about to pop, Wade brings her back to the surface. Ember reminds Wade that they cannot touch.

Wade holding out his hand to Ember
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Credit: Pixar

Wade tells her that they should try to prove that they can touch. They hold hands and dance, but Ember leaves as she’s convinced that she can’t throw away all her responsibilities in the shop just for Wade.

Wade says that he doesn’t understand, and Ember responds that that alone is why things can’t work between them.

When Bernie is about to turn over the shop to Ember, Wade arrives and declares his love for Ember. He says that while there are a million reasons why they can’t work, there is one reason why they will work: because they touched and they felt something.

Ember responds that she doesn’t love him. However, her mother, Cinder, responds that that isn’t true because, based on the test she conducted between them and her readings, it’s true love.

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Elemental Ending Explained: How Did Wade Come Back to Life?

Wade smiling while holding a hot spoon
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Credit: Pixar

Bernie decides not to retire after finding out that Ember caused the leaking pipes in the first place. Ember bursts, and this breaks the glass that was covering the dam.

This causes a flood in Fire Town, and Ember tries to save valuable items in her father’s shop, including a blue flame that has been in her family for generations.

Wade arrives to help, but he ends up trapped with Ember. Wade begins to evaporate and tells her that it’s too hot in the shop.

Ember tells Wade that she loves him and that she can’t exist in a world without him. Wade responds that he loves it when her light glows so bright.

Wade seemingly dies, and Ember cries and tells her father that she loved him. Later on, Ember hears Wade crying and tears start falling down from above.

Wade smiling at Ember
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Credit: Pixar

Ember realizes that since water elements like Wade are prone to crying, he may come back through lots of tears.

She starts making Wade cry, just like in the game she played with his family. She tells Wade about the butterfly story, an old man’s story, and everything that made his family cry during the game.

Her parents start telling sad stories too, and Wade’s tears were enough to bring him back to life. Ember’s mother tells them that they are a perfect match.

Ember tells Wade that she wants to explore the world with him and that she wants him forever in his life. They kiss, and Ember’s mother says that she knew it and that her nose always knows.

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Elemental Ending Explained: Where Does Ember Go?

Ember smiling and looking up
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Credit: Pixar

Months later, Ember decides to pursue a career in glassmaking, something she always wanted to do. Earlier in the film, Ember confesses to Wade that the reason for her temper may be due to the fact that she doesn’t want to run the shop.

She tells Wade that she never once considered what she wanted to do because deep down she knew it didn’t matter; it was her duty to run the shop after her father retires.

But in the ending of Elemental, Bernie accepts that Ember wants to pursue something else. She leaves with Wade to pursue glassmaking.

Ember hugging her father
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Credit: Pixar

Wade cries, and Bernie jokingly asks if she’s sure about him. Before Ember leaves, she does the traditional gesture, or the Big Bow, which is the highest form of respect for the Fire people.

Bernie does it back, which shows that Ember has his blessing to leave. This career path would take Ember far from Element City and her family, but her parents allow her to pursue what she wants.

While there is no official confirmation yet of a sequel, Elemental 2 would likely focus on Ember and Wade’s new life and Ember’s career.

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