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The Boys Star Addresses Captain America Screen Test That Didnt' Happen For Depressing Reason

At this point, it's hard to imagine anybody other than Chris Evans playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there was a time when several actors had to audition for the role of Steve Rogers and one of those aspiring young men was The Boys star Chace Crawford. Unfortunately, Crawford was not allowed to screen test because of a disappointing reason.

Crawford was recently a guest on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where a fan asked if it was true that he auditioned for Captain America and if he's feeling "salty" about not getting the part.

"Now that you bring it up, maybe I am! No, I did have a screen test for that back in the day but they actually didn't let me do it because they realized I was on a show in New York for nine months of the year," Crawford admitted.

Of course, Crawford is talking about Gossip Girl where he played Nate Archibald. Although the series turned out to be a hit, the Charlie Says star admits he wonders what his life could have been if he was Captain America.

"A buddy of mine told me he went in there and they had a suit made with my name on it, and a whole thing. After nine films you're thinking 'Oh man, I would've loved a shot at that,' Crawford confessed.

We're guessing that Crawford's "buddy" may have been Sebastian Stan, whom he had worked with on the film The Covenant. Although the two never got the chance to work together again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's safe to say that Crawford still found a way to play a superhero.

Crawford plays The Deep, who had a compelling story arc in the first season. There is little doubt that the supe's story isn't over and we're already looking forward to seeing him again in The Boys Season 2.

The Boys is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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