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The Boys Showrunner Reveals One Surprising Sex Scene That Had To Be Cut For Unexpected Reason

There is little doubt that The Boys is one of the raunchiest shows right now, thanks to its blood, gore, language, and yes, even full-frontal male nudity. However, there was one sex scene that had to be cut out for the most unexpected reason.

Showrunner Eric Kripke recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about pushing the boundaries in just about everything. However, there were some scenes that just had to be cut out, and it didn't even feature any of the main cast.

The said scene was originally part of the first episode where Hughie and Butcher infiltrate a superhero sex club for some info. According to Kripke, the shot included "an ice man having sex with a woman doggy-style when she's wearing a fur coat." It sounds pretty tame compared to what actually made it into the final cut but there's a reason for that.

"It was rejected because it was logistically too difficult to mount on our budget," Kripke admitted. However, he's still hoping to use that same shot in The Boys Season 2. I'm sure by then that Amazon Prime will be throwing money at the showrunner so we're looking forward to that.

While the ice man and the lady in the fur coat isn't exactly that shocking, there was one scene that had to be removed because Amazon thought it was way too much. It was previously reported that a scene where Homelander pleasures himself while looking out at New York had to be cut.

The first season of The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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