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One Scene From The Boys Was Cut for Going Too Far

The Boys has become another success for Amazon Prime, with fans flocking to the series thanks to its satirical portrayal of superheroes. Whether you love or hate superheroes in the mainstream, there is something to like about the show and it might even get fans to check out the original comic. For the most part, Amazon hasn't restrained its writers from going full-bore with what we see in the show, including a superpowered woman crushing a man's face with her vagina.

So, when one of the show's co-creators, Eric Kripke, revealed that there was a scene that was cut for "going too far," fans got curious. Oddly enough, it's a bit tame when it comes to what we've seen in the show but some could argue that this would have added an unnecessary crass scene to a series that's already pushing the boundary with what they can get away with.

Feel free to read the scene below, which would have taken place in episode 2. Kripke confirmed that it was shot and Homelander actor Anthony Starr did a great job with what was given to him. It was just too much for the studio.


Yeah, Kripke wanted Homelander to please himself and climax all over New York City. Truth be told, that kind of scene would have fit well with the show's tone but Kripke did get away with a lot of nasty things in the show, so having to cut one of them isn't that bad in hindsight. There's always the eventual Blu-Ray release.

The Boys can currently be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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