The Boys: Jensen Ackles Reveals Cameo Appearance in Spinoff Series

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Jensen Ackles joined the third season of The Boys as Soldier Boy, an original Supe who was the leader of the former superhero team Payback and was revealed later on to be the biological father of Homelander. While his role was only for one season, fans are hoping that we will see him again in the future.

Fortunately, it looks like Ackles' return to The Boys universe has already been set as the actor revealed recently in his appearance at the Creation New Orleans fan convention in Louisiana (via Entertainment Weekly) that he will be making a cameo appearance as Soldier Boy in the Gen V spinoff series.

"Soldier Boy pops up for a brief moment in this new spin-off of The Boys. In fact, there's a few cameos from the mothership that come into this spin-off. My little bit there was heavily [improvised]," he said.

Ackles also shared that The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who also serves as one of the executive producers of Gen V, was present on the set when he filmed his cameo appearance in the spinoff.

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The actor added, "He and I were just, like, we were spitballing ideas and workshopping literally in between takes and coming up with a whole variety of takes."

While we don't know yet what the context of his appearance will be whether it's in a flashback from the past or address his present-day situation, it is still exciting nonetheless that we will be seeing him make a cameo in Gen V and it is yet again another tie-in with the mothership series.

The show's synopsis reads: "Set at America’s only college exclusively for young adult superheroes (run by Vought International), Gen V explores the lives of hormonal, competitive Supes as they put their physical, sexual, and moral boundaries to the test, competing for the school’s top ranking."

The cast includes Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi.

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Gen V is slated to release on Prime Video later this year. You can check more details about it here.


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