The Boys Spinoff Release Date, Spoilers, Storyline, Predictions & Everything We Know So Far

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Credit: Prime Video

The Boys is probably one of Amazon Prime Video's most talked about TV series. The show, which follows a group of young superheroes who at the same time have incredibly fragile egos and god complexes. It shows viewers the complexities superheroes face in their everyday lives, including the dark secrets.

Unlike all the other superhero shows, The Boys demonstrates the bitter reality of the consumerism world. It concentrates on two groups: 1) the Vigilantes and 2) the Vought, which are corporation-owned superheroes. The Vigilantes are looking to take down Vought but are faced by the seven superheroes owned by the power company. A struggle takes place, and good and evil come into question.

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The BoysSpinoff Show Plot Details

Back in September 2020, Amazon announced that they had greenlit a spinoff show for The Boys. It was reported, at the time, that Craig Rosenberg (The Boys and Preacher) would be its showrunner. The proposed plot of the show will be based on the college run by Vought, where heroes attend and compete to get a contract with the corporation. It will most likely be bloody, gory, and there will be much competition between the heroes.

The BoysSpinoff New Showrunners

Finally, it has been confirmed that Amazon Prime Video will start concentrating on this spinoff. Unfortunately, original showrunner Craig Rosenberg has quit the production, apparently, due to creative differences. Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, both Agent Carter alums, will be taking over as the new showrunners for The Boys spinoff series.

The BoysSpinoff Release Date

As of this writing, no official release date has been announced yet. All cast and crew just finished filming The Boys Season 3, which will premiere next year. Most likely, the spinoff series will be released after Season 3 or in 2023.

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Stay tuned for more The Boys spoilers, predictions, news and updates!


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