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The Boys: Homelander's Villainous Plan Explained

All of the characters in The Boys are pretty scary in their own right but there is little doubt that Homelander is the most terrifying guy in the Amazon Prime series. But what exactly drove the leader of the Seven to pull off his villainous plans on the show?

The show certainly didn't waste time in establishing Homelander as the Big Bad. In the premiere episode The Name of the Game, the superhero immediately takes down the Mayor of Baltimore's plane after the man tried to blackmail Vought. Sure, it looked like Homelander was simply protecting the company that handles him but it is eventually revealed that he had a completely different purpose.

In the series finale, Homelander admits to Madelyn Stillwell that he had created the super terrorist Naqib and several others in an effort to convince the government to allow superheroes into the military. He revealed that he had been dispatching A-Train to supply Compound V to several terrorists around the world. In fact, A-Train was actually on one of his runs when he accidentally sped through Hughie Campbell's girlfriend Robin Ward.

Homelander's plan is certainly, as Billy Butcher loves to say, diabolical. However, it also led to the creation of The Female, who was once a child soldier who gets treated with Compound V. So although it might have been truly evil, the plan also provided Butcher's team with one of their most important allies.

But how will Homelander's evil plan continue in The Boys Season 2? There's a huge chance that we will be learning more about Naqib and the other supervillains that were somehow created by Vought. Needless to say, Homelander is only going to get even more terrifying in the show's future.

The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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