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Stranger Things Season 5: Will Hopper Die Trying to Save and Protect Eleven?

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Fans now have different assumptions about what may happen in Stranger Things Season 5. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the rest of the gang have to face Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), and the latter may use his ability to use his enemies’ weaknesses against them. His next victim? Probably Jim Hopper (David Harbour).

Eleven is the only one who can defeat Vecna in Stranger Things Season 5, given they have the same powers and abilities. But there’s no way Hopper will let him fight alone, even if he has to sacrifice his life for her.

Hopper’s Tragic Past and Story

Hopper is known for having a tragic past and story, making him the perfect victim of Vecna’s mind control.

His daughter, Sara, died young, believing his exposure to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War caused his child’s cancer.

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From there, his marriage failed, and Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) disappeared, resulting in a string of problems that marred his life.

Despite that, he never confronted his feelings. So one way or another, ScreenRant noted he has to face his grief and guilt, and here Vecna may come in.

Vecna to Use Hopper’s Weaknesses Against Him

Hopper feels guilty and insecure about not being able to save his daughter. He feels the same way with Eleven, who he now considers his child, especially when she lost her powers in the previous season.

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When Vecna senses these weaknesses, he may capitalize on them to get into Hopper’s mind and try to bring him down in Stranger Things Season 5.

Hopper may Save Eleven

Vecna can also use Sara’s death to reveal Hopper’s fear of Eleven dying in the final season. He will come face-to-face with his “grief, fear, and guilt.”

But Hopper is not the one who will never put on a good fight.

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He will try his best to protect his loved ones even if it means he has to put his life on the line. He may even help Eleven defeat Vecna by stalling and buying time so she can finish the job.

He will do everything he can to protect Eleven from Vecna, and he doesn’t care if he has to give his own life just to save her in Stranger Things Season 5.

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