Does Storm Have Claustrophobia in X-Men '97? Episode 6 Coffin Scene Explored

storm claustrophobia x-men
Credit: Disney+ | Marvel Studios Animation

storm claustrophobia x-men
Credit: Disney+ | Marvel Studios Animation

Does Storm have claustrophobia in X-Men '97? The Adversary tried tricking the former X-Men member into leaving Forge behind after inflicting poison on his shoulder. Episode 6 just reminded fans and Storm about her fear of tight spaces.

CONTENT SPOILERS: This article contains spoilers for X-Men '97, so proceed with caution.

The Adversary Reminds Storm of Her Poison: A Coffin

storm claustrophobia x-men
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Credit: Disney+ | Marvel Studios Animation

In The Adversary's attempt to haunt Storm of her past, the creature uses every external factor that could break the former X-Men hero.

From renouncing Forge to manipulating Storm into thinking they had the cure, Storm stood her ground that her main priority at that moment was to save her friend from perishing.

However, there was one thing that The Adversary seeped into Storm's mind about her wish to be human, which the X-Men mutant previously confessed to her friend, Jean Grey (aka Madelyne Pryor).

The Adversary pressed on about Storm's decision to be taken under its wing, where she could potentially gain her powers back.

However, the only thing that nearly broke Storm down was when the owl imprisoned her inside a coffin. What's that about?

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Storm's Claustrophia in the X-Men Universe Explained

storm claustrophobia x-men
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Credit: Disney+ | Marvel Studios Animation

Storm developed a fear of tight or confined spaces from an experience she dealt with in her childhood. She was buried under the rubble during a battle with Magneto.

Although Rogue saved her from being buried alive, she passed out from the trauma.

To be clear, X-Men '97 wasn't the only instance where Storm had trouble dealing with her claustrophobia. She went through the same thing in the original X-Men Animated Series.

At the time, Storm was trying to prevent the walls from closing in until she cried out of fear, and her powers went rogue inside the Danger Room.

However, technically, in the recent X-Men '97 episode, we get to watch Storm conquer her fear, even for just a small amount of time.

Because of this, Storm gained her powers back, realizing that it was only through acknowledging her reality that restored her Omega-level powers.

Thanks to this revelation, Storm will be forced to confront a new reality: the death of some of her X-Men friends.

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Meanwhile, X-Men '97 episode 7 titled Bright Eyes premieres on Disney+ on April 24.

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